Thetan Arena Completes March Maintenance, Game Back on Track

Thetan Arena adds cosmetic items, avatars and spaceships to player profiles after March maintenance.

Thetan Arena is back on track to line up with the busiest P2E gaming experiences. The team completed a March maintenance and invited players back into the game.

The game has already added cosmetic assets for customizing player profiles, adding a new dimension of rarity. The cosmetic and avatar items arrived after the latest maintenance period, and will include avatars, avatar frame, emotes and a spaceship.

The update arrived as Thetan Arena noted growing interest in its battle game during one of the recent tournaments. 

Thetan Arena remains one of the most prominent games on social media, though players are still clamoring for more accessible value in the game and fairer tournaments. Thetan Arena focuses on limited tournaments, with its most recent event in Africa. But some players have complained of seemingly unfair leaderboards and prizes. 

Thetan Arena Weakening P2E Component

Thetan Arena, like many other P2E games, has a problem with balancing its earnings. This is one of the chief reasons for an outflow of players. 

Thetan Arena also faces competition from other brawler games like Brawl Stars, which is free-to-play. The Hero Strike game offers the same mechanics and gameplay as Thetan Arena, but without the blockchain component.

As a game, Thetan Arena has sufficient appeal, but its native token has been sliding and the gameplay is not rewarding enough. 

THG Token Staking Delayed

THG, the native token of the game, has been in a bear market for months. When THG climbs, the rewards are highly appealing, especially after the peak near $20 in November 2021. 

But now, THG trades at $0.79 with seemingly endless selling pressure. This diminishes the potential returns of the game further, leaving only the staunchest communities for tournaments. Thetan Arena is overdue for a rebalance, or possibly another bull market, to repair its P2E component.

THG staking has also been delayed, removing another source of passive income. Despite this, Thetan Arena is still seeking partnership guilds, setting aside more THG for new enthusiastic players. 

Staking has been delayed until Q3, and may work as a tool to remove more THG from the market and alleviate selling pressures.

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