Thetan Arena Takes Task of Venture Capital Provider

Thetan Arena (THG) partners with Seedify to participate in new P2E startups. THG token still under pressure, sliding below $1.

Thetan Arena has partnered with Seedify, one of the busiest IDO platforms, with an eye on participating in funding rounds for new games. Thus, Thetan Arena will help build up the P2E ecosystem for other startups.

Thetan Arena is now aiming to gain popularity with a new series of tournaments. The PvP battler game also wants to add e-sports features, tested for the first time in a current tournament for African players. The next high-profile Thetan Arena tournament will start this March 11.

Thetan Arena recently completed a maintenance period, to solve problems with the growing numbed of playable characters.

Thetan Arena Discovers Exploit Bug

Thetan Arena reported a bug that gave unfair advantage to players, and warned of bans for anyone that used the exploit. The game team will aim to fix the bug as soon as possible, but will first limit the gameplay accounts of anyone with unfair advantage.

The Thetan Arena bug was discovered on the same day when Axie Infinity also discovered the potential for cheating and exploits in its game code. 

Thetan Arena THG Falls Under $1

Thetan Arena is facing a challenge that is becoming universal for P2E games. While growing its player count, the THG native token fell to $0.89, from a peak near $20 in mid-2021. 

THG is also relatively illiquid, relying on Gate.IO and Lbank, along with a few decentralized exchanges. Additionally, THG is under pressure from a token release schedule, where selling may accelerate. 

The weakness of the main asset may affect the game’s adoption, as rewards may continue to fall in the future, with no incentive to hold for the long term. The game community has raised skepticism about Thetan Arena’s success, as the token has been depressed by possible selling from the team as well as the selling of private placement tokens.

Now, the Thetan Arena is seen as a game with high potential but poor P2E tokenomics that may require rebalancing to work better, as well as listings on more liquid exchanges.

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