Thetan Arena: Grab a Higher Rank with Hero Fusion Event

Thetan Arena is among the leading free games with a BSC tokenized component and playable, fusable heroes.
  • Fusion to produce Legendary and Mythic Thetan Heroes.
  • Three more days before the event ends, no more mystery box chances for Heroes.
  • THG falls to $0.14 after market downturn.

Thetan Arena is making its Heroes more scarce, with a Fusion event running for just three more days. During the event, available heroes will be fused to create higher-ranked Thetans. This is also the last chance to get the upgraded Heroes, as those types of Thetans will no longer be available from Mystery Boxes. 

Thetans are very diverse in terms of visuals and capabilities. That is why a Fusion can have mixed characteristics with higher potential benefits. The Fusion feature requires a fee similar to buying a new Box, and the rarity potential will be roughly equivalent. However, Fusion may ensure a more rare and valuable Thetan in the end, offering options to repeat the process.

The Fusion will not be complete until the player approves it, and in fact a combination of two Thetans can produce multiple outcomes. Players can try to fuse their Thetans until they are satisfied with the result. Fusion will produce Legendary and Mythical Heroes.

Along with the fusion event, players have a special tournament to use their Thetan heroes. The new fused Thetans will have their battle potential renewed. The Fusion will also boost the usage of stacked Thetans and clear up the inventory.

THG Adds to Game Potential with Trading, Staking

Fusing Thetans also grants THG rewards. The token can be additionally staked for extra rewards, with a program open since May 21. The rewards will be in the form of gTHG, the in-game token that needs to be withdrawn for spending.

THG, the native token of the game, fell toward $0.14 after the latest market downturn. Thetan Arena is one of the busiest games, though not all of the activity is reflected on BSC. The game also features a more popular free version.

Thetan Arena recently partnered with Skill Labs, a hub for players and investors. The guild-like structure will promote the game to find participants with overlapping interests. Skill Labs is a hub for investors, while offering guild-building infrastructure and mentoring to boost game earnings.

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