Three Games Make Up Bulk of Polygon Transactions: See the Busiest P2E Hubs

Polygon games add to the network’s potential, boosting transactions along with DeFi applications.

Polygon offers significantly lower fees to access the network, becoming attractive for games requiring high transaction volumes. As expected, Pegaxy was among the top games to generate a high transaction count. But Crazy Defense Heroes and its TOWER token also lined up in the top spots. 

The ranking of P2E games is not a clear-cut game of winners and losers. Most of the popular games are in a constant flux of players and potential earnings. 

Top Game Ranking Depends on Token Performance

There is also a disparity between game users and actual transactions. TOWER token transactions are at a high level due to the need for trading and exchanging. Crazy Defense Heroes logs more than 41K users per day, though at a lower value turnover. 

Other games have a different token structure. As of April 22, Sunflower Land has more than 45K players, though with a negligible value balance. The reason for this is that SFL, the new game token, is not yet minted and trading, unlike TOWER. 

Pegaxy is now the third-busiest game on Polygon, after briefly taking the second spot with more than 45K players. At that level, most Polygon games are at the top of their outreach. Pegaxy also saw interest drop a little, with players again down under 30K. 

The earnings potential of games is also different, and may depend on the stage of the game and the number of players. Sunflower Farm is considered one of the games with more significant potential payouts coming soon.

Is Polygon Becoming the Go-To Network for P2E

Polygon is keeping its position as one of the most widely used networks. It is also linked to trending, highly popular games on social media. Polygon keeps attracting several times the volume compared to Ethereum, mostly because of its low fees. 

Only games built on WAX and EOS, with a different type of transaction structure, manage to compete with Polygon in terms of registered players.

Polygon is also one of the three networks for listings on OpenSea, along with Ethereum and Solana. The advantage of Polygon lies in its compatibility with MetaMask, unlike WAX and EOS, which require more specific wallets.

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