Sunflower Land Releases Lore Book, Enters Final Two Weeks of Goblin Wars

Sunflower Land will require Bumpkin NFT for its next stage, the Land Expansion update.
  • Sunflower Land will include mini-fees and NFT royalties instead of big fundraisers.
  • Sunflower Land introduced its storyline of Bumpkins and Goblins.
  • In November, the game will offer new account creation.

Sunflower Land is preparing for its mass launch, where it will transform from a limited sandbox game into a growing open-world Web3 project. Now, Sunflower Land published its game lore with origin stories and potential development storylines. The game built a detailed story of its Bumpkins, the playable characters that will also be key during the Land Expansion stage of the game.

Currently Sunflower Land is in one of the most active playing seasons, with special challenges to win the weekly stand-off during the Goblin Wars. At the same time, the game introduced Bumpkin NFT with a free mint for all farm owners, and added semi-fungible tokens for clothing and swag items. 

Sunflower Land also added bears as yet another cosmetic addition to the game.

The game continues to attract 3.54K players per day. Later this month, Sunflower Land may also launch another batch of NFT to bring additional players. Sunflower Land also switched from farm NFT to so-called account NFT, to avoid bots and multi-accounting.

Changes Coming to Sunflower Land Economy, Revenue Model

Sunflower Land will add new features to its economy, with additional types of resources. The game will also depend on a limited energy feature, which will limit some of the grinding and routine work, while encouraging more strategic play.

Additionally, Sunflower Land will bring a SFL withdrawal tax, and a regular synch fee. The synch fee, which will be the equivalent of $0.10, will be accrued every few days, to synchronize the in-game assets with the Polygon blockchain.

Thought Farm, the game team building Sunflower Land, will also take small fees for NFT resale. The fees will be converted to MATIC and held in the treasury, as a tool to finance game development.

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