Crazy Snake Brings Web3 Twist to the Classic Snake Game

Crazy Snake follows the model of the classical Snake game, with special prizes and events to gain mystery boxes.
  • Crazy Snake has a live app with more than 50K downloads.
  • The game uses Polygon for its NFT, breeding and CRAZY tokens.
  • Crazy Snake offers survival and endless mode, as well as special events with mystery boxes.

Crazy Snake is another casual game building on top of a well-known classic, the Snake game. But this time, the new graphics come with NFT ownership and breeding mechanics – one of the well-tested tools of onboarding both gamers and crypto enthusiasts.

Crazy Snake is live and offers an endless casual survival game. Crazy Snake has download links for iOS and Android on its official website, and the app is already on Google Play, with more than 50K downloads. The game carries a 4.2 star review, with still limited bug reports for scoring and game difficulty.

Crazy Snake Offers Airdrops and Prize Events

The game is notable for organizing limited events with airdrop, breeding or other activities, engaging up to a few hundred NFT owners.

For the rest, Crazy Snake can be played freely, while having options for NFT resale, staking and in-game earnings. The Crazy Snake game has also built its own set of decentralized liquidity pairs, working as a rudimentary tool for token swaps. However, this may be risky and is not a necessary part of the game. 

Crazy Snake Offers Ownership Options

Crazy Snake aims to bring yet another game in the style of CryptoSnake, with some similarities to SnakeCity as well. The main Snake gameplay has Survival and Endless mode, offering opportunities to build leaderboards and competitive tournaments. Each Snake has a distinct themed look, allowing for multiplayer competitive mode.

The game rewards players with Crazy (CRAZY) token, based on the Polygon network. The other element are snake NFT, of which 70% are male and only 30% female, with a much higher market value. CRAZY tokens can also be used to buy a permanent, non-tradable Crazy Ticket, which will work as a subscription mechanism for mystery boxes. The more CRAZY staked in the game, the higher number of boxes acquired.

The game also hides 20 levels of reward NFT, ranging in rarity and in-game value. The game can be played without buying an item, but players may choose to breed their snakes and resell the new, playable NFT.

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