Tiny World: The Game that Rose to the Top 10 with a Metaverse and Adventure Mix

Tiny Worlds offers regular campaigns with BUSD prizes, as well as TINC earnings.
  • Tiny World is among top 20 Web3 games on BNB Chain.
  • Regular NFT hero auctions on offer to acquire rare historical figures.
  • Tiny World offers tournament events for extra prizes.

Tiny World is one of the games regularly climbing to the top 20 in terms of daily active users. Tiny World carries 12.5K players daily based on BNB Chain records, outpacing even Axie Infinity, one of the former game champions. Tiny World is the bellwether of a series of games, including Tiny Kingdom, Tiny Farm, Tiny Lords and others. 

The Tiny Lord game is also going through its second version, which will launch soon as one of the 2023 goals. 


Tiny Lord 2.0 is now in development, and one of its chief goals is to reduce the gas price for players. Until now, the game had campaigns to return BNB fees to players for using their NFT or moving tokens. 

Additionally, Tiny Worlds organizes regular events with tokenized prize pools, which draw in users. The game retains players on regular days with its progres loop, especially though Tiny Farm and other games requiring commitment and advancements. 

Tiny World Games Mark High NFT, Token Activity

Tiny World is one of the games to be highly integrated with the blockchain, with almost every action calling on the wallet and requiring a small fee. Crafting, decrafting, using NFT all call on the game’s smart contracts, hence the high translation count. 

The game also offers regular bidding campaigns to buy a rare and exclusive Hero, usually with a higher price. The latest auction ran close to $800 BUSD for a Caesar NFT. The game’s items are multi-functional, as the game mixes idle battles, metaverse exploration, and resource gameplay.

The next overpowered NFT in the game for sale is Ashoka, Indian Emperor. The NFT can be active in tower defense, battles, brawlers and the metaverse. The auction will run until January 5, and will accept bids with TINC tokens. The auctions are also tools to burn TINC and control the supply. 

Tiny Coin (TINC) is a thinly traded asset, which is awarded in the game and potentially used for upgrades. TINC is at $0.027, sliding by about 50% in the past few weeks. Because of the native token’s volatility, TINC rewards are supplemented with BUSD prizes, and some of the game’s value depends on NFT.

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