Tiny World Sees Giant Player Count Growth, Goes Near Top of BNB Games Chart

Tiny World (TINC) offers a mix of gaming and DeFi with an internal item and Hero marketplace for NFT.
  • Tiny World had 51% player growth in the past month, breaking 10K daily players.
  • TINC token still has to add liquidity.
  • The game offers a mix of quests, staking, NFT and DeFi.

Tiny World is a new P2E game that had a boost in player counts in the past few weeks. The game joins other highly active hubs on Binance Smart Chain, one of the growing venues for game deployment. Tiny Worlds trended recently, showing the new arrivals in P2E space are still not giving up during the bear market. 


Tiny World is a branch of a full game family, including the Tiny Kingdom and Tiny Dungeon games, as well as Tiny Farmer, the NFT-staking branch of the game. Tiny World thus combines adventures and quests with the potential for staking and receiving passive income. 

The game also allows for item generation and an internal market. NFT can both be traded and staked in DeFi schemes.

Tiny World Grows Player Count in Past Weeks

Tiny World hosts 5.29K players as accounted by DappRadar, giving the game a leg up to enter the top 10 of Binance Smart Chain apps. Tiny World is also standing just behind Mobox NFT Farmer as the sixth busiest game. The player count is on par with mid-range activity games such as Sunflower Land, Pegaxy, Bomb Crypto and others. 

The game also had a short-term boom after its latest community call and a series of updates. 


Tiny Coin, the game’s native asset, has traded since March 2022. The asset peaked at $1.81, only to slide to its current level of $0.07. TINC gained a Huobi Global listing, with the rest of activity provided by PancakeSwap. TINC can be staked for passive income, though it has a constantly growing supply. TINC issued until now is around 15M tokens, with 987M tokens as a max supply limit.

TINC currently trades on low volumes with significant slippage, at under $200K in 24 hours. The in-game token generation may continue to undermine value. However, Tiny World still managed to draw in more than 10K players on active days, with more than 135K transactions reported based on the game’s smart contract usage.

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