Titan Hunters: Still Time to Join the Running Tournament Challenges

TItan Hunters follows a successful model with a level clearing progress and increasingly powerful weapons.
  • Titan Hunters is a successful game-first project with more than 100K Android downloads.
  • The game offers Season 2, running until March 26.
  • Special rewards and cards available for new signups, TCOIN rewards added.

Titan Hunters is running its second playable season until March 26, with a mix of TCOIN rewards and 5,000 collectible cards. Titan Hunters is an MMORPG with visuals resembling Voxies and Minecraft, and gameplay taken from Diablo and other adventure games. 

Season 2 of Titan Hunters started on March 3 and will continue for nearly three more weeks. 


The TCOIN giveaway in the current event is separate from the TITA asset, which is the main game token. TITA trades at $0.001 and offers relatively minor games, with more potential value hidden in NFT and craftable items.

The second playable season also includes a giveaway of Lootboy cards. The items will grant access to TCOIN tokens from within the game. The tournament and giveaway are also open for new players that need to connect their wallet to a new game identity. Titan Hunters is available for Android and iOS download and can be connected to BNB Chain.

Titan Hunters is also active off-chain, though during NFT or token campaigns, it has invited up to 2K players in 24 hours.

Titan Hunters: Conquer Short Levels

Titan Hunters offers a selection of biomes. Once a player is on the map, they have to clear a series of mini-levels against enemies and obstacles. Players must use their powers and avoid damage, aiming to clear as many levels as possible. Each level is limited to a fast and dynamic battle that is partially tower defense and part MMO grid battle with a third-person view.

As players progress, they collect items dropped by the Monster Titans. Once enough elements are obtained, new recipes will open to craft weapons and other items. Players can choose solo missions or team up, with the goal of reaching more dangerous enemies, mini-bosses and progressively difficult Titan bosses.

Titan Hunters is one of the games with a simple and appealing model, using the best practices for Web2 success. While the TITA token may be down, player interest remains high for the app. 

Titan Hunters has broken the barrier of 100K downloads on its Android app by offering an exciting battle with relatively simple skills required.

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