Titan Hunters Offers Small, Exclusive NFT Giveaway

Titan Hunters may offer Diamond trading soon, as well as NFT marketplace.
  • Titan Hunters offers monthly tournaments with TITA token prizes.
  • NFT market may come soon for gear, diamond trading.
  • Mint for 100 unique Gears scheduled for August 24.

Titan Hunters is giving a small perk to its followers, with a new giveaway in partnership with Coinmarketcap. This time, the competition is for 100 unique NFT gears, or in-game equipment. The value of the NFT is as high as $580, though still not immediately available for resale. Gears will be one of the top NFT items and will and will be tradable once the game releases an NFT market. 


Titan Hunters has been picked by Coinmarketcap as part of its signup and login program, on a first come first serve basis. The NFT will be minted on August 24. 

Titan Hunters has the advantage of a live app that has taken over the Japanese gaming market. The battle and defense game is using the popularity to also add a Web3 element through NFT ownership. 

The in-game Diamonds may also be redeemable on Coinmarketcap. The game team hinted that diamonds may finally be redeemable on the day of the NFT mint. Diamond rewards have also been rewarded through Coinmarketcap for logging in. 

The native Titan Hunters token is still in active trading, though sliding to $0.004. TITA relies most on Gate.IO and MEXC for its liquidity, though the game hopes to add earnings through its NFT items. The slide of TITA is diminishing the monthly prize pools earned by players.

Titan Hunters Introduces New Version

Titan Hunters is also in active development, with a new version dropping in late August. 


Titan Hunters still has much fewer players based on smart contract activity, and is ranked 611 among Binance Smart Chain apps. Yet the game has robust downloads on its iOS and Android versions, with many more daily gameplays. 

Titan Hunters is one of the successful examples of a Web2 game integrating with Web3. The game contacts the crypto enthusiast community and uses the trading facilities for centralized and decentralized swaps.

At the same time, Titan Hunters offers a complete gaming experience, delivering leaderboards and community competition. The game app has also been optimized for access by being light enough for all devices.

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