Titan Hunters: Why This Game Boomed in June

Titan Hunters pays out a pool of 100K TITA tokens each season.
  • Titan Hunters wrapped up Season 2 and started the new season on July 25.
  • New boss fight: defeat CEO for more medals.
  • Medals are used to rank among the top 500 players and earn a part of the prize pool.

Titan Hunters is among the new batch of trending P2E games, adding more tools for earnings. Titan Hunters held a series of giveaways and tournaments, drawing interest through extraordinary rewards. As July wrapped up, Titan Hunters issued another transparency report on its achievements.


A new game boss landed this July, the CEO Titan Slayer Mode. In this battle mode, players can team up and defeat the CEO boss for additional medals. The medals will also help with the monthly Investor Rank tournament. 

Investor Rank is the main Leaderboard system of Titan Hunters. Players compete for medals and also get points for their NFT items. After competing in boss fights, the goal is to rank among the top 500 medal winners and share the monthly reward pool. 

Season rewards are not distributed automatically but must be claimed by logged-in users with MetaMask wallet. This caused some concerns about starting Season 3 while rewards were not automatically airdropped.

Titan Hunters Runs Season 3

Season 3 started on July 25, while at any time the game is still available as a free download. On BSC, Titan Hunters sees between a few hundred and a few dozen players per day, though with lows of just 5 players per day, based on DappRadar data.

Titan Hunters was recently noted for having upward of 1M downloads. The game joins the trend of influential mobile games which are also adding a P2E component. 


Titan Hunters is also influential among the Japanese gaming community. 

In July, Titan Hunters held its second Investor Rank season, inviting more than 12,000 contestants. The top 500 participants also received a reward pool of 100K TITA tokens. The tokens themselves were verified by CoinMarketCap. 

However, TITA remains at a rock-bottom price, taking a long plunge from a peak at $0.55 down to $0.004. TITA is held in 40,611 addresses, and is generally a well-distributed token signaling an active game, though struggling with the current bear market.

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