Top 10 Play to Earn Shooter Games to Look At in 2022

Play to earn games with shooter mechanics set ambitious goals for a mix of metaverse experience, tactics and item upgrades.

First-person shooter games with immersive 3D graphics are one of the bigger challenges to be added to the play to earn metaverse. Finding the right network to achieve game production speed, while also attracting a wide audience, is a challenge.

First-person games are still in early stages of development, some more advanced than others. Play2Moon looked at the tokenomics, NFT collections, metaverse land and game features for 10 top play to earn shooter games getting ahead in 2022.

Salo Players, First Shooting Game on Avalanche

Salo Players is an NFT shooter game with RPG elements, the first of its kind built on the Avalanche network. The project taps one of the big DeFi networks, for its intentions to bring a completed game and achieve its GameFi goal of tokenized earnings, NFT sales and gameplay rewards.

Salo Players is reachable at:

What Makes Salo Players Stand Out

Salo Players brings multiple elements for a shooter game, with a third person overhead shooter perspective. The game has a metaverse experience with the potential for metaverse land plots, PVP battles, upgrades and guilds and an evolving storyline.

What are the Pros of Salo Players

Salo Players combines multiple game aspects without compromising. The game has all the makings of a successful play to earn environment, and has worked on NFT trading, in-game rewards, land plots and complete game mechanics.

What are the Cons of Salo Players

The SALO token is not yet available for trading, and may come out as a relatively illiquid asset. The game also attracts scammers attempting to sell non-existant tokens. The game may require a learning curve to operate private chains based on Avalanche technology.

Endless Battlefield Metaverse and Shooter

Endless Battlefield combines metaverse sandbox exploration, battle strategies, and complete game action using Unreal Engine. The game’s marketing relied on airdrops for reward tokens and NFTs to grow its community.

Endless Battlefield is accessible at:

What Makes Endless Battlefield Stand Out

The game is available for both competitive and casual players, with both gameplays tied to play to earn rewards. The game offers resource-gathering gameplay, as well as a non-competitive mode.

What are the Pros of Endless Battlefield

The game has completed its maps, weapons and basic mechanics, and is available as free to play. The blockchain functions will come by the end of Q1, 2022, with an NFT drop also planned. The game offers both the potential to play a completed world, and the opportunity to grab early issue NFTs and ED governance tokens.

What are the Cons of Endless Battlefield

Endless Battlefield will have to introduce its ED governance token and the EDC in-game token at a time of volatile and pressured prices for most digital assets. The game community may also have to learn the ropes of using blockchain wallets to make use of the earnings. This game has ambitious plans that may take years to unfold into a complete play to earn environment.


MetaStrike combines metaverse elements with first-person 3D shooter mechanics. The completed game is yet to be launched, but it contains most elements present in similar game environments. The difference is that equipment such as weapons, shells or projectiles can be traded in the form of NFT.

MetaStrike can be reached at:

What Makes MetaStrike Stand Out

MetaStrike offers a complete first-person experience with three modes of play. The game will also allow the building of custom maps and the formation of teams. MetaStrike also planned to launch its MTS token toward the end of January 2022.

What are the Pros of MetaStrike

MetaStrike is ready with a double-token earnings scheme. The MTS token, planned to be scarce, will be used for staking, governance, NFT metaverse land plot purchases, as well as for exclusive tournaments. The MTT token will be used with unlimited supply to go along with the developing play storyline.

What are the Cons of MetaStrike

The MetaStrike game planned its token launch for a relatively bearish period on the crypto market. The game is ambitious in its designs, but may skip the initial madness for NFT metaverse land plots, or would have to wait out for a more optimistic time. The game may face headwinds in launching its main milestones by the end of 2022.


PlanetSandbox is a first-person shooter with a special emphasis on simulated physics. The game’s completion will evolve the gameplay into a metaverse experience with shooting gameplay. In its initial stages, PlanetSandbox will be open to creators and players to build metaverse worlds with unlimited item alterations and custom styles.

PlanetSandbox is accessible at:

What Makes PlanetSandbox Stand Out

PlanetSandbox has unique, customizable game art to build metaverse venues. The game has an ambitious roadmap for 2022 that will evolve its gameplay several times, including the addition of vehicles. PlanetSandbox will be a source of NFT sales for skins and digital land plots to kick off adoption.

What are the Pros of PlanetSandbox

PlanetSandbox has a solid list of partnerships, including a security audit by Certik. Problems with smart contracts and token security are one of the major issues for play to earn games. The game team also focuses on promotions and building up community through art contests.

What are the Cons of PlanetSandbox

The game will start off as a sandbox experience before adding shooter mechanics. The market for sandbox play to earn games. PlanetSandbox will compete with more active NFT metaverse land plot spaces such as Decentraland or The Sandbox.

Kitty Inu

Kitty Inu is a light-hearted game based on Binance Smart Chain which is also enjoying significant social media noise and community growth. The game offers racing-type battles with a first-person view. The game is based on a storyline of kitties trying to displace the doges that try to take over the metaverse.

Reaching Kitty Inu is possible at:

What Makes Kitty Inu Stand Out

Kitty Inu builds on the model of meme tokens to boost its ecosystem. The project uses the casual gaming with cute visuals to become an attractive proposition. Kitty Inu targets Southeast Asia, a region that has already adopted the play to earn model with other popular games. The Kitty Inu project also aims to popularize cryptocurrencies in general with competitions and podcasts.

What are the Pros of Kitty Inu

Kitty Inu is already launched in free to play mode, and shows solid development and an engaging game idea. The game has a token burn mechanism to increase the price of the kitty ticker ($kitty).

What are the Cons of Kitty Inu

The kitty token ticker is a highly risky asset, following the trajectory of the likes of Shiba Inu (SHIB) with extreme volatility. The game is also tokenized in a way that relies on UniSwap and PancakeSwap, with the inherent risks of very illiquid trading on decentralized pairs.


BitBow is, as its name suggests, a bow shooter game, with beta version coming soon based on the team’s promise in early 2022. The game already completed the sale of 28,000 mystery boxes to kick off its fundraising and community-building. BitBow also used the Binance platform to market its mystery box edition ahead of the announcement for the official launch.

BitBow can be reached at:

What Makes BitBow Stand Out

BitBow is one of the few games to be promoted on Binance’s NFT platform. The game has accepted BUSD, SOL, as well as DOGE for its NFTs. The game has appealing skins and mixes skill and statistics game. BitBow will use Binance Smart Chain, to avoid high gas fees.

What are the Pros of BitBow

BitBow is building up a large community that may drive game adoption, along with boosting the ARROW token. The game will also include clubs and guilds to drive player retention. BitBow can have access to all the BSC infrastructure, including BNB and BUSD liquidity and Binance trading, as well as PancakeSwap pairings.

What are the Cons of BitBrow

The game is heavy on NFT buying and skins, though still not having tested its gameplay. The NFT market may lose liquidity even faster compared to reward tokens. Users may face some challenges related to BSC and its tokens. The NFT may also have a hard time building a high-profile presence on OpenSea or other well-known markets.

MetaOps Gaming

MetaOps Gaming is building an immersive personal shooter, while choosing the most widely used blockchain for decentralized apps, Ethereum. The game offers the chance for tactics and a complex map. In early 2022, MetaOps Gaming was still in the pre-listing stage for item airdrops. The game is one of the few with a complete 3D world and immersive graphics.

MetaOps Gamins is available at:

What Makes MetaOps Gaming Stand Out

MetaOps Gaming is one of the few immersive 3D games, going a step beyond static shooters or variants of shooting games. The project appeared in October 2021 and quickly managed to build its first tournaments. The team communicates with readiness on social media, and MetaOps gaming looks like a well-developed project, going beyond an NFT money grab.

What are the Pros of MetaOps

All MetaOps players will be provided with an IP-based ownership of all in-game assets. Everything that is owned in the game can become an NFT. This is the leading goal of play to earn games – to be able to preserve in-game assets and extract their value outside the game.

What are the Cons of MetaOps

The game’s beta pass seems inactive. MetaOps will also wait for a long time before introducing a reward token. The game will rely heavily on NFTs, which can lead to earnings, but also build an illiquid, oversupplied market. Players would be forced to burn NFTs to level up, with no easy way to cash out.

iFighter Infinity

This game combines space battles with a shooter perspective and stands just ahead of its game testing stage. The iFighter game environment is still building up adoption by airdrops, but promises metaverse experiences and play to earn mechanics in the coming months.

iFighter Infinity is accessible through:

What Makes iFighter Infinity Stand Out

This game planned to launch in January 2022, with significant value in airdrops for early adopters. The pre-launch registration ended January 24, leading to the next stage of reward airdrops and a potential game launch. The game combines fighting mechanics with item statistics.

What are the Pros of iFighter Infinity

This game has completed the development of multiple mechanics and milestones and may be ready with a beta launch soon. The availability of metaverse land plots may boost iFighter Infinity as an investment.

What are the Cons of iFighter Infinity

The game team has not built an informative website. The game will use Binance Smart Chain, but there is no explanation of its tokenomics. The upcoming launch may boost engagement, but iFighter Infinity is a wild card when it comes to tokenized and realized earnings.

Time Raiders

Time Raiders takes a complex time-traveling, mystery and treasure hunt backstory, and combines it with a 3D immersive world and fighting action. The game will also boost NFT collection in its complex world, for a complete experience and earning opportunities.

Time Raiders is available at:

What Makes Time Raiders Stand Out

Time Raiders has a quirky aesthetic with a complex timeline. The game offers special rewards. The metaverse element is almost complete, with NFT launches prepared for Q1 2022. The game may turn out to be one of the hits for upcoming launches.

What are the Pros of Time Raiders

Time Raiders will offer NFT staking in the first half of 2022, coinciding with its launch of an open beta. The game’s biggest milestones are set for the next 12 months, with multiple new levels and reveals to keep up interest.

What are the Cons of Time Raiders

The Time Raiders game metaverse is competing against multiple other NFT drops, and may face headwinds and fatigue. The Xpendium (XPDN) token will be a wild card, also competing for attention and trading opportunities.

The Killbox Game

The Killbox Game also claims to be one of the early offers for a first-person shooter on the blockchain. The game’s storyline and platform were ripe for introducing weapons NFT mystery boxes. The game links weapon NFTs with the KBOX token, with upgraded weapons bringing higher rewards.

The Killbox Game is available at:

What Makes the Killbox Game Stand Out

The Killbox Game has five engaging modes of first-person shooter. The game puts special emphasis on weapons design and has set aside specific mystery box gameplay after missions are completed.

What are the Pros of the Killbox Game

The game has completed its reward token release, and has a KBOX/USDT pairing on the Pancake exchange. As a BSC token, KBOX may increase liquidity with time and can be transferred with lower fees. The game has already opened tournaments with KBOX and mystery box rewards.

What are the Cons of the Killbox Game

The KBOX token, which launched at the end of December 2021, has lost 90% of its value after less than a month of trading. With market instability, the positions of KBOX and the value of rewards may be one of the game’s chief flaws. The game also depends on tournaments and special events, requiring skill and user engagement to get to the most significant prices.

Shooter games are one of the more complex categories in play to earn, a subset of action games. Choosing a game hinges on personal research, as the earning potential differs and hinges on different mechanics or token technologies.


Q: What counts as a shooter game?

A: Play to earn models put some variation on classic game types. Battle types vary between game environments. Some shooter games emphasize map-making and metaverse experiences, while others hinge on statistics, tactics or weapons.

Q: How are shooter games rewarding players?

A: Not all shooter games have a ready-made reward system. Some games depend on NFT value and potential resales, while others use a reward token mechanism, or a double-token system. Make sure you understand the type of assets within the game before committing funds or participating in NFT mints.

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