Voxies Review: This Game Combines Sandbox and Battler Features

Voxies is one of the best-curated P2E projects with support from Binance Launchpad, but has to hit its milestones with a fully active play to earn game.

Voxies NFT combines the appeal of a sandbox game with a Minecraft-like voxel environment, and a battle game based on character features and strategies. Voxies NFT followed one of the common tracks in P2E games – starting out with a high-profile limited NFT mint, followed by a series of test launches. 

In Q1 2022, Voxies NFT unleashed its beta version, Voxie Tactics. This game can be tested with free characters, but also with NFT-based champions. 

What is Voxie Tactics

Voxie Tactics is an early release of a playable version of Voxie NFT. Voxie Tactics aims to be a fast-paced game with strategy elements and RPG through customizable characters. The game was open in a free-to-play mode, with rewards for early testers. However, the concept of Voxies is to own exclusive or unique characters and rely on them for a more efficient game. 

In Q1, 2022, Voxie Tactics is still far from the powerhouses with fully developed P2E communities. Despite this, the game is viewed as one of the most promising titles for future growth, both in terms of adoption and the price action of VOXEL, the native token. 

Voxies Community: Who Drives the Hype for Voxie Tactics

The Voxie community is still growing, with upward of 53K followers on Twitter. Voxies Tactics players still have a low count, as the game is in its experimental pre-launch alpha. DappRadar notes about 7 users during that time, at least based on blockchain data. 

Voxie Creators: Who is the Always Geeky Games Team

Always Geeky Games, the team behind the Voxie Tactics game and Voxies playable creations, is a small game studio. The current list of experts is just eight, based on LinkedIn disclosures, consisting of a core team in Canada and international experts. The team so far has built a basic game to include free Voxies characters, as well as allow gaming with existing NFT avatars.

What Makes Voxies NFT Hot

Voxies became attractive for their simple battle concept of a limited map. Additionally, Voxies NFT followed one of the successful recipes – basing their appeal on the scarcity of their NFT collection. There will only be 10,000 Genesis Voxies, with the potential to offer game benefits down the line. The active trading and high prices achieved by Voxie avatars worked as a marketing tool for the project.

The game is also engaging its online community and has delivered its milestones. The VOXEL token is highly liquid, adding a layer of investment opportunities and short-term trading potential. 

How to Make Money with Voxies

The current limited game awards VOXEL tokens to winners. VOXEL is relatively liquid through its multiple Binance trading pairs. In the future, the reward token will allow for in-game earnings. 

VOXEL can be used for liquidity mining through its Uniswap pairings. Additional gains for some NFT owners have been achieved from reselling Voxies, but this tool is the least liquid and the riskiest. 

Token supply, rewards, planned token unlockings, new mints, other details for each project. How much is set aside for play to earn

What is Voxie’s Lead Gameplay

Voxies play on a limited field, setting two teams of eight playable characters against each other. The goal is to choose the best weapon and attack to vanquish the enemy team quickly. 

The appeal of NFTs is in choosing players with unique characteristics, as well as equipment items. 

How to Acquire Voxies and VOXEL

VOXEL is widely traded and available through several Binance market pairs, meaning game earnings in the future can be exchanged and liquidated for stablecoins or fiat. NFT items and characters are on sale on OpenSea, though initially the game may provide free characters for a test. The most expensive Genesis Voxies 

Best Wallet for Voxie Tactics

Voxie Tactics has a no-wallet version which is free to play. But to store Voxie characters and the VOXEL token, the best approach is to create a MetaMask wallet. Only connect to official pages, and be aware that a wallet containing multiple NFTs is at risk of being exploited, by signing a transaction and selling the items at a low price. 

How to Start with Voxies

Voxies can be started as a free-to-play game in its current open beta stage. Risk may be taken by buying and reselling the VOXEL token, or through NFT trades. 

Overall Review of Voxie Tactics

Voxies NFT is an ambitious project, which aims to build a metaverse section and a full game tokenomics. But the game reached an early stage in 2022, with still many new developments ahead. 

Play2Moon awarded 36/50 points, with points taken for the early stage of the game and low number of players. Voxies still benefits from its curation by Binance Launchpad and Binance NFT and remains a high-profile P2E game that now needs to complete its core gaming offer.

Total Score
  • Team Information and Reliability
    3/5 Neutral
    Small remote team
  • Community
    5/5 Amazing
    50K and above
  • Art and Images
    4/5 Good
    Highest quality
  • Secondary NFT market/resale
    5/5 Amazing
    Curated by Binance or other prominent platforms
  • Funding sources
    4/5 Good
    Curated IGO, NFT offering and multiple listings
  • Wallets
    4/5 Good
    Available for most browser plugin wallets
  • Exchange liquidity
    4/5 Good
    Present for fast swaps through wallets
  • Token rating
    3/5 Neutral
    Wide distribution, big wallets dedicated to marketing
  • Potential returns/rewards
    3/5 Neutral
    Bonuses and rare items
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