Binance NFT: What Makes This Avatar and Game Item Platform a Leading Hub for P2E Game Items and Collections

Binance NFT is part of the Binance Exchange portfolio to support NFT projects and curated P2E game startups.

Binance NFT is part of the Binance brand portfolio. The hub works as a mix between a launch platform and a secondary marketplace. 

Binance NFT is not as prominent as OpenSea, but remains key to the P2E ecosystem of Binance Smart Chain. The platform often lists the collections and items of projects that went through curation on Binance Launchpad. 

Binance NFT also builds up a community with promotions of hot NFT collections and some free airdrops.

The platform may also become key to gaining from collectibles or game items from Mobox, Second Life, Bomb Crypto and other P2E games.

What is Binance NFT

This platform advertises itself as a market for NFT collectibles and mystery boxes. The latter are a special addition and a source of thrills for potential buyers. Mystery boxes expose buyers to reasonably priced collections where unboxing can award unexpected items. 

The platform has three main sections, starting with Gaming and IGO. This section has more than $958M in traded items, and deals exclusively with game sales. 

The Marketplace is a typical listing of avatar collections and projects, which also features some game items. Top Binance Smart Chain games are often featured in this section, as in the case of Mobox. The Marketplace also features dozens of collections not seen on other platforms, as well as listings from minor players. 

The Mystery Box section features promoted events with a requirement to whitelist and hold a balance of BNB or BUSD to participate. Mystery Box events are announced ahead of time and may take months before the actual unboxing and secondary listing. Those events are one way to get rare items.

How to Access Binance NFT

Binance NFT requires a wallet to hold and relist items. The easiest tool to use is MetaMask, which can be configured to various networks. 

MetaMask can also be configured to Binance Smart Chain, by clicking the chain dropdown menu and selecting Add Chain. 

A new chain is added only once and then can be selected from the wallet to visit the respective games or marketplaces. To add Binance Smart Chain to MetaMask, input the following data: 

Network Name: Smart Chain


Chain ID: 56

Symbol: BNB

Block Explorer (optional):

The Binance NFT hub will also require a general registration on Binance. The wallet connection will be required when performing any operation with NFTs.

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