Undead Block Less than a Week Away from Open Beta

Undead Blocks by Wagyu gaming studio is one of the most complete 3D experiences with blockchain-based weapons and a native token.

Undead Blocks offers weapons for staking UNDEAD, with the ability to rent out rare items.

UNDEAD trades above $0.87 two weeks after listing.

Public beta to boost the project’s popularity and kill-to-earn model.

Undead Blocks, one of the most accomplished blockchain games with NFT and earnings potential, sets the expectation for its open beta with new zombie designs. After extensive months of testing, the launch was scheduled for May 26. 

Until recently, Undead Blocks was in closed beta with dedicated testers for gaming consoles. The game also relied on NFT distribution of weapons, opening up a model where the most in-demand and important game items are also tradable on outside platforms. 

Undead Blocks Genesis and Apocalypse collections are available on OpenSea, with floor prices of 0.23ETH and 0.37ETH. Undead Blocks aims to be one of the sustainable blockchain games, only launching its native token after reaching an advanced game completion stage. 

UNDEAD, the game’s token, started trading on May 4, going live on Gate.IO and UniSwap. UNDEAD trades around $0.87 after a brief initial period above $2. 

The game itself is putting development first, and NFT and crypto rewards second. Undead Blocks works with 3D gaming artists from Kevuru Studio, producing updates on some of the central game designs.


Undead Blocks Builds for Sustainable Gaming

Undead Blocks is the flagship product of Wagyu Games, which managed to build a completed game in less than a year. With this achievement, the “kill-to-earn” game is one of the still-undiscovered gems in sustainable blockchain productions. The game’s fame lags for now, but Undead Blocks may line up among top P2E proposals after the open beta. Undead Blocks is also well financed, with a $1.7M seed round completed in March.

The game has been taken up by BabyMoon Gaming House Guild, in an attempt to bring players to a new ecosystem. 

The game’s economy centers around weapons. The UNDEAD token is not to be sold out, but will be staked to earn rare weapon NFT. The weapons can be bought, sold, but also rented out. UNDEAD can be locked for periods of 6, 9 or 12 months to receive returns and trade them for weapons. 

Players receive NFT packages for their staked UNDEAD, and additional tokens at the end of the period.

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