Undead Blocks Starts Token Trading on UniSwap

Undead Blocks focused on game-first development for a complex first-person shooter.
  • Decentralized trading on UniSwap will give first hint at the UNDEAD token price potential.
  • UNDEAD and ZBUX to be used for staking, upgrades and in-game rewards.
  • Undead Blocks raised $1.7M with the help of Animoca Brands.

Undead Blocks, the zombie fighting P2E game, has opened trading for the UNDEAD asset. The token will first start out on UniSwap. The UNDEAD smart contract only has a few entries, and the asset still carries no pricing information. 


But when pricing data starts to come in, Undead Blocks will have a new measure of P2E value. An UniSwap pair may still produce only very volatile prices with minimal trading volumes. It will also depend on the readiness of counterparties to provide liquidity in both UNDEAD and its base asset, which will help calculate the automated price. 

Undead Blocks took a long time in development. Its most recent activity was to distribute weapons to early investors. The game is in limited beta testing, and will be among the first console games with a full first person shooter experience and complex 3D graphics. 

Undead Blocks is one of the most awaited games in 2022, both for its game component and for the higher P2E potential. The game is well-financed and has set up a large fund for rewarding players. Undead Blocks also recently completed a financing round for $1.7M led by Animoca Brands.

Undead Blocks also released a more detailed white paper explaining its intended tokenomics. The game has so far delayed a token launch, wanting to focus on the game as its priority. 

One of the incentives to lock up UNDEAD tokens is to stake them in exchange for exclusive weapons. That way, UNDEAD won’t be dumped for profits, while the weapons can give advantage within the game, and even be resold to players or on the open market.

Undead Blocks to Run Dual-Token Ecosystem with Upgrading Potential

Additionally, Undead Blocks will run a dual-token ecosystem. UNDEAD will be used to buy weapons and as a governance token, and its price will fluctuate. This asset will then be used as collateral to generate ZBUX, the in-game reward token. ZBUX will try to avoid the price slide of P2E reward tokens by being engineered as a stablecoin. 

Each ZBUX will have a fixed price of $0.10, to be able to cover small-scale in-game transactions. The production of ZBUX will be supported by collateral to avoid oversupply and loss of value. The game will also try to stop the outflows by offering skins, licenses and other items, to return most of the tokens back into the game and encourage value creation. While players will have an off-ramp to monetize their earnings, this is not the game’s chief goal, instear steering players toward upgrading.

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