Undead Blocks First Ever Tournament Arrives in Days

Undead Blocks to offer $20K in rewards for a fast-paced zombie killing competition.
  • The first person to shoot 100 zombies grabs the top prize of a pool of $20K.
  • Genesis owners can receive exclusive skins.

Undead Blocks, one of the most highly developed NFT games, is planning a new set of tournaments and special events in July. The tournament is coming this July 8, with a prize pool of $20K. Players are invited to a pistol run speed challenge. The first person to eliminate 100 zombies with a pistol weapon will win the largest part of the prize pool. 

This is the first tournament in the history of the game, happening just as more P2E games are moving to prize pools and short-term events instead of securing a regular income from grinding.

Additionally, the game will boost the utility of its NFT by granting holders a special weapons haul. The game centers around high-powered items, though it can also be played with more basic weapons. Undead Blocks also offers entry-level NFT and rewards on a regular basis. 

Undead Blocks Gives Regular NFT Perks

Undead Blocks issues Genesis and Apocalypse weapons collections, with minting also available on an ongoing basis. One of the chances to own a weapon is to stake the UNDEAD token and be awarded a new NFT, while also earning rewards. 

The weapons are also available on the open market, trading a total of 2.5K items with a floor price of 0.28 ETH. Trading the weapons is less active compared to other NFT collections, mostly because it targets mainstream players. 

UNDEAD is still thinly traded on Gate.IO and Uniswap V2, with a price of $1.09, and may be difficult to acquire for the gamers targeted by Undead Blocks. Despite this, UNDEAD still onboards gamers with a seamless in-game earnings system and game incentives to acquire more powerful weapons. 

NFT owners can also receive cosmetic perks such as the newly released set of skins. 

Undead Blocks still runs on the Ethereum network, though UNDEAD also has much lower adoption compared to other P2E assets. Based on blockchain data, the token has only 802 holders, with much of the game’s potential earnings coming from NFT resales. But with lowering demand for NFT trading, the NFT perks may be more suitable as in-game advancements and advantages than a way to monetize the game.

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