Undead Blocks Prepares for Weapons NFT Mint in March

Undead Blocks prepares for March 15 weapons minting event.

Undead Blocks, one of the more widely visible play to earn games, is expanding its NFT offering with a special weapons minting event in March. The event is currently in the whitelisting stage, with whitelisting spots open to gain the weapons minting rights. 


Undead Blocks is currently in closed beta release, open to early NFT buyers. The game team is aiming to revolutionize both play to earn and live streaming. 

Based on previews of limited gameplay available, Undead Blocks aims to generate passive income from game streaming. Players will be able to broadcast their game, while earning ZBUX. 


The ZBUX asset will be gas-free within the game, allowing for the monetization of game assets, as well as various forms of passive and game income. The ZBUX asset will also play a role in the recently introduced game feature of the “Undead Armory”. Players in closed beta will be able to buy and upgrade their weapons, ahead of the upcoming NFT weapons drop. 

The game team is also building up improved game animations, for one of the most complex shooter games in play to earn. This game offering relies more on reinvesting earnings and the value of NFTs, while also offering a free to play experience. Undead Blocks has the potential to become a top tier game, avoiding the track of a low-skill game optimized for mindless play or bots. 

Will Game Tokens Get a Listing

At this stage, Undead Blocks is one of the few games that has not issued a crypto token. The ZBUX asset is strictly moved only within the game. 

At the end of February, Undead Blocks hinted at launching another asset, UNDEAD, with a listing coming soon. 


The game team has not shared plans on a chosen blockchain or exchanges, and for now, NFT offerings on the secondary market are also limited. Most items are fit for test gameplay, and OpenSea only contains whitelisting passes for early adoption players.

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