Voxies Game Prepares for Open Beta Season Launch

Voxies (VOXEL) plans its open beta download before the end of January. Voxies NFT keep up relatively high price floor.

Voxies, one of the most awaited sandbox play to earn games, is heading to its open beta milestone. The game download is set to be open on the week of January 31, as announced earlier by the game team. 

The game will face its first large-scale testing and smooth out any flaws based on real experience. Opening the game will mean all Voxies issued as NFTs can be brought into the game, to test the PvP mode. The open beta will come with free to play options with no need to buy Voxies. 

How the Voxies Metaverse Performs Before Launch

DappRadar data show that despite the significant social media presence, Voxies attract as few as seven players per 24 hours. Limited by the preliminary nature of the game, the attraction for now is the NFT side. 

Trades and rarity have bridged over Voxies to its complete game status, with some notable sales at a high price. Recently, Voxie #9431 sold for 1.5 ETH, with other sales ranging between 0.5-2 ETH. 

Voxies also lowered their floor price in the past months. In August 2021, the floor price rose steadily, as high as 0.98 ETH. As of January 2022, the floor price is 0.78 ETH for Voxies characters, and 0.197 for tactical items. 


What Affects VOXEL Market Prices

VOXEL backtracked in the past month, unraveling from a high above $4.10 down to the current level of $1.52. 

The asset regained lost ground after the announcement of the beta game arrival. VOXEL is still pressured by the market conditions. As a relatively new token, VOXEL does not reveal enough data to gauge market sentiment. 

Based on social media sentiment, a short-term breakout is expected, with a target of $1.60. The token is viewed as having the potential to break out after the game gains users. 

VOXEL is highly concentrated on the Binance International exchange, and its price can be affected by focusing traders on a few trading pairs. VOXEL only lists 3,273 addresses as the asset is not yet used as a reward token. Access to VOXEL requires the use of the Polygon (MATIC) network. 

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