Voxies Presents Renting Scheme with New NFT Feature

Voxie Tactics aims to bring more opportunities to test rare weapons, pets and avatars with renting opportunities that resemble P2E scholarships.
  • Voxie Tactics introduces more selections for weapons, bringing additional strategic choices.
  • VOXEL rewards for renting come with fixed fees or earnings share programs.
  • Voxies remain rare, with 10K items in the Genesis NFT collection.

Voxie Tactics, the game with one of the most high-profile NFT collections, is offering a new tool to extract value from owning in-game items. 

Voxie Tactics issued a limited 10K items NFT collection, meaning early adopters are sitting on valuable and unique assets. At the same time, players can test Voxie Tactics with a free team of Voxies. But early buyers may get a way of monetizing their NFT, while players can test out more valuable items without a big upfront investment. 

In addition to renting, Voxies has added more strategic decisions on weapons, boosting the complexity and available choices. 

The renting feature arrives after Voxie Tactics migrated to Polygon, ensuring lower fees for each NFT operation. The ability to hire or rent out NFT will be available for avatars, pets, as well as weapons. All items earned, crafted or built within the game can be put up on the market for renting. The new feature also comes after the launch of the Arcanist’s Forge, where players can upgrade items. Renting will exclude seasonal or short-term items.

Renting Offers Fixed Fees or Profit-Sharing

Players can set their own periods for renting and asking price. NFT owners can also choose different modes, either a flat fee or a share of the in-game profits. Always Geeky Games, the creator of Voxies, will always receive a 4% fee.

The fees and earnings of the game will rely on the VOXEL token, which has been trading for months with significant liquidity. VOXEL stabilized around $0.26, after dropping at the beginning of 2021. The token is one of the few P2E assets that can be traded on the Binance exchange. 

Voxies have a limited trading exposure on OpenSea, with around 10ETH in volume traded and a floor price of 0.24 ETH. The collection is fun, but most of the Genesis items are held closely, with some big buyers ready to rent them out. 

With renting, Voxies will have a scholarship program similar to Pegaxy, which also has various forms of fixed-fee or earnings share programs.

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