Voxies (VOXEL) Gains Liquidity with Binance US Listing

Voxie Tactics is seen as a game of untapped potential, possibly sending VOXEL to a higher market price.

Voxies (VOXEL) gained a listing to the Binance US, an attestation of the token’s potential value. A Binance trading pair can add significant liquidity to a token and send it to a new price range. 

As with other new listings, Binance US has opened its wallets for deposits and will begin trading of the VOXEL/USD and VOXEL/USDT pairs. The tokens are also open to purchase with debit card or wire transfer. Only Polygon network tokens will be accepted for deposits, and Ethereum-based VOXEL has to be converted or it will be lost.

Binance US is a separate entity that serves US-based traders after Binance International met with regulatory problems and put the US in its no-trading list. However, it is possible the Binance International still has US-based traders circumventing some of the rules. 

VOXEL already has Binance International trading pairs, which boost the asset’s liquidity. The latest news did not change the price significantly. VOXEL traded around $1.81, in the mid-range levels for the past month. 

How the Voxie Tactics Game is Evolving

Voxies recently launched its open beta with a free to play version. Ahead of the game launch, the 10,000 Voxies avatars performed well, with a 6.8K ETH turnover in the past few months and a floor price of 0.289 ETH.

DappRadar shows only four Voxies players in 24 hours, though the information may be incomplete, as it is taken from only one Ethereum smart contract with lower activity. VOXEL is also present on the Polygon network, with 3,357 listed addresses.

Voxies, however, has a much larger community testing the game and VOXEL is considered an undervalued token. 


Voxie Tactics has turned into one of the promising games that has not yet peaked and its asset may be considered undervalued. The game already produces equipment NFTs for early players and has a small secondary market. 

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