Vulcan Forged: Now PYR Token More Accessible for Fiat

The Vulcanverse is growing with the first batch of Sphinx NFT with unique features and lore.
  • Vulcan Runner gets new XP system, leaderboards and new surroundings.
  • PYR now available for front-end purchase for fiat with backend Binance trading.
  • PYR to be used for securing the Elysium network.

Vulcan Forged now has easier access to its ecosystem, after buying PYR became easier. PYR is now available to purchase for fiat through the Binance exchange, one of the most liquid markets for gaming tokens. The goal is to have a frontend purchase of PYR for in-game uses, while the backend connects for Binance trading.

PYR is starting to recover and trades near a one-month high at $4.05, and may try to get closer to the three-month peak above $9. Vulcan Forged is affected by the bear market in terms of token prices, but building continues, with the intention to deploy the Elysium blockchain. PYR will not have direct staking, but can participate in various node tiers to produce passive returns while securing Elysium. PYR was also a top gainer among a selection of P2E tokens.

In addition to PYR, the LAVA token now exists within the game and can be staked using the Vulcanverse bank, an actual construction in the game with staking mechanics. PYR is also becoming more prominent and leaving the low market cap category.

Vulcan Forged also continuously upgrades its games and metaverse, in addition to updating its Vulcan Runner endless game. The team also released Vulcan Assassin with mobile versions for testing. Vulcan Runner also gets updated with a leaderboard, a new environment and a new XP system.

Vulcan Runner has more gameplays offline, with only 31 recorded smart contract interactions. Currently, the Vulcanverse is the busiest app in the ecosystem, for buying and selling digital land plots and avatars. 

Vulcanverse Adds Batch of Unique Sphinx NFT

A recent NFT sale for 125 exclusive items also revealed significant interest in the assets of Vulcan Forged. 125 Sphinxes were sold out in minutes after days of heightened expectation.

More batches may come to make the Vulcanverse more diverse. A total of 500 Sphinxes will be minted, with each one featuring unique art and game lore. The Sphinx will have utility across the Vulcanverse ecosystem.

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