Vulcan Forged Opens List of New Developments

The Vulcanverse is growing and is now the busiest app on the Vulcan Forged network.
  • Vulcan Forged plans multiple improvements to existing games, while also having new games in the pipeline.
  • LAVA tokens can now be staked in the first metaverse bank.
  • Vulcan Forged aims to migrate to Elysium network in the coming months.

Vulcan Forged is one of the projects on an expansion arc in 2021. In addition to a metaverse, ready-made games and mini-games, Vulcan Forged aims to build its own blockchain with multiple node tiers, to encourage user participation in securing the network. 

Vulcan Forged outlined its main points of action, while also showcasing its progress at the Gitex Global meetup in Dubai. 

The list of goals arrives at a moment when Vulcan Forged also managed to boost the usage of its LAVA token with its first metaverse bank. The LAVA bank is now fully operational and even gets visits from all the metaverse avatars. 

LAVA can be withdrawn and traded, but the token still has utility in the game and may help with passive earning, buying or upgrading NFT. LAVA, once deposited in the bank, can bring additional LAVA earnings. 

Staking LAVA in the game is in addition to staking PYR tokens on the blockchain. PYR will also have utility in the metaverse-as-a-service project of Vulcan Forged. 

PYR currently trades at $3.97, close to its usual range around $4. LAVA trades at $0.04, though with an anomalous rally to $0.49 due to low-volume trading. 

Vulcan Forged Sets 10-Point Plan

Vulcan Forged has set a list of 10 priorities based on community feedback, with the first priority of completing all the games in its pipeline. The team will add multiple details to existing games to improve their visuals, playability or other elements. 

Vulcan Forged aims to launch Tartarus, another fantasy-style game, while also working on the launch of a tower defense game. For existing games like BlockBabies, Vulcan Runner and others, tournaments and better access are among the main goals. 

Previous plans also included work on the blockchain and corporate side.

The Vulcan Forged games and tokens currently used a Vulcan Forged network, a separate blockchain with its own smart contracts. The game aims to onboard traditional players, by also aiming to offer wallet-as-a-service. 

The VulcanVerse and the Vulcan marketplace are currently the busiest apps on this network.

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