Vulcan Forged Brings Expansion, New Projects to Elysium Network

The VulcanVerse, Marketplace and arena and runner games are the most used features of the VulcanForged project.
  • Vulcan Forged to offer Level 3 metaverse land soon.
  • The game aims to build a gold-backed stablecoin on Elysuym Network.
  • Elysium DEX the next goal for the P2E and L1 ecosystem.

Vulcan Forged is one of the game environments that may become a part of the infrastructure for many P2E games. Part metaverse, part platform, Vulcan Forged reached several milestones in June. 

The project announced the opening of new offices, consolidating most of its activities. Vulcan Forged is a mix of game creation and blockchain L1 solutions, aiming to add more third-party games while also upgrading its own portfolio. 

Vulcan Forged is also one of the rare game environments offering a curated wallet-as-a-service. The game overcame an early attack against tainted wallets, coming out with a more secure service. Now, Vulcan is also building up its Elysium Network as a new space for games. 

Elysium DEX will soon inherit the activity of Vulcan DEX with more trading pairs. 

Based on a recently released scan, Elysium Network still has limited transactions, but with a goal of growing the network’s influence. Elysium uses LAVA for transaction costs, and LAVA can be acquired from the game and by staking PYR, the native token of Vulcan Forged. 

The Vulcan project also underscored its growth with the recent VulCon Athens event, one of the bigger P2E meetings in the space. Additionally, the VulcanVerse games will introduce a gold-backed stablecoin which can be acquired for gaming activity and exchanged for real gold. 

Vulcan Forged relies on a portfolio of games, with extra popularity for its Vulcan Arena battles and the recently released Vulcan Runner. VulcanVerse and VulcanMarket are also busy, with resales of digital land plots.

The VulcanVerse will also open the NFT mint for Level 3 land in the coming days, adding to the potentially valuable assets in the game. Higher level land offers more income with the VulcanVerse land staking program. In the past, the game has distributed significant rewards to early land buyers.

PYR, the game’s main staking asset, is trading around $3.43, while LAVA has most of its value within the game.

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