Vulcan Forged Offers Land Upgrade for LAVA Token Burn

Vulcan Forged to migrate to Elysium soon with a new system of reward nodes.
  • Land upgrade coming on June 28.
  • Node program based on NFT ownership to distribute LAVA rewards.

Vulcan Forged aims to grow the utility of its Land plots, by offering an upgrade to a higher tier. The mechanic will bring higher payouts for Land ownership, while also serving as a sink for the LAVA token. 

The event will also offer a PYR burning option, and will be one of the biggest token burns in the history of the game. 

Land owners will be able to upgrade this June 28, boosting Tier 2 land to Tier 3. The event may boost the Vulcan economy, which is one of the profitable P2E propositions in the current bear market. 

PYR currently stagnated around $3.37, down from an all-time peak above $44. LAVA is a newer token with less liquidity and its market is still untracked. LAVA exists within the game and is used in the first metaverse bank, but cannot be withdrawn directly. Hence the token’s utility to upgrade land through in-game earnings.

Vulcan Prepares for Blockchain Migration

After months as a testnet, Elysium may be the next new network to launch a migration of all tokens and assets of the Vulcanverse. Elysium has the ambitious goal of onboarding sub-games, making Vulcan Forged one of the biggest P2E game hubs and a new L1 solution to scaling. 

Vulcan Forged is one of the gaming projects with a few completed mini-games. But the platform will build all elements of decentralized finance, while also using the potential of NFT. 

Ahead of the migration, Vulcan Forged also announced an Elysium Node program for PYR owners. A snapshot is coming on June 30, onboarding users for nodes with a new reward structure. 

Vulcan Forged has prepared for several tiers of nodes depending on NFT and assets held. Some nodes may require a full KYC and commitment to running a server and providing resources, as well as owning tokens and NFT items. 

Node operators will share in LAVA fees accrued by NFT sowing, resales and other fee-generating activities.

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