Vulcan Forged: What This Project Has in Store for the End of 2022

The Elysium blockchain will host a hub for new IDO token sales from game projects.
  • Vulcan Forged works on the migration to Elysium.
  • The game hub is one of the most successful Web3 projects with multiple games.
  • LAVA tokens will have a capped supply to avoid hyperinflation.

Vulcan Forged established itself as one of the top-growing ecosystems, working toward its native blockchain. Recently, Vulcan Forged released its plans for the final months of 2022. Vulcan Forged created a mix of a macro metaverse and mini-games, while also working toward the launch of the Elysium blockchain.

One of the most notable achievements is the full launch of Vulcan Runner as iOS and Android app. Vulcan Forged is also working on a tower defense game, and has reached the alpha stage. 

Over the past years, Vulcan Forged was also prominent for managing to overcome a wallet hack, while continuing to grow with a series of game launches. The Vulcan Forged team also popularized its metaverse and mini-games in a series of live events. 

Vulcan Forged is also working on its MetaScapes, another metaverse with more modern-looking avatars. MetaScapes will release a series of previews until January, and will be one of the more ambitious undertakings of Vulcan Forged.

Vulcan Forged to Limit LAVA Tokens

Vulcan Forged is also paying attention to its tokenomics, trying to adapt to a crypto bear market. LAVA will now move entirely on the Elysium blockchain, while also setting a supply cap. LAVA will have between 500M and 5B tokens, with locked LAVA and burns to limit the supply. 

LAVA is key to the VulcanVerse and can be staked or used for upgrades, and also earned for in-game activities.

The project team is now organizing the migration to Elysium, and has performed Certik previews of the smart contracts. The migration will affect LAVA and PYR, as well as multiple NFT from the VulcanVerse. In the past month, PYR also gained prominence with a listing on Coinbase. Despite the bear market, Vulcan Forged remains a promising project with multiple live games.

Once completed, Elysium will be used to host other games. The network has seen testing for an IGO hub, with the goal of turning into a launchpad for P2E and Web3 games.

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