Vulcan Forged Prepares for Troy Metaverse Land Sale

Vulcan Forged announced a map extension for the Troy metaverse selection of plots. NFT sale comes February 11.

Vulcan Forged, one of the gaming environments dedicated to expanding its game and token ecosystem, is preparing for a new metaverse land sale. The Troy metaverse will offer several tools for acquiring metaverse land NFTs. The Troy map will extend the four-quadrant metaverse land in the Vulcanverse. 

Vulcan Forged is still building a game of rich lore, spanning four main regions on the map – Boreas, Arcadia, Hades, and Notus.

The land purchase may be made directly for PYR tokens, or through various forms of staking. 

The land sale extends the first Troy map, and arrives at a time of shaky market prices for both PYR tokens and NFT sales. 

Vulcan Forged Unveils LAVA Sponsorships

Using Vulcan Forged on the Elysium blockchain will require LAVA tokens. LAVA is being awarded as an in-game token, as well as through referrals. 

LAVA is another hope for the Vulcan tokenomics. LAVA trades at $0.008, after sinking since its launch at the end of December 2021. The LAVA token may gain importance as the Vulcan gaming world grows. LAVA also opens the door to scholarships similar to Axie Infinity (AXS). 

LAVA will be instrumental for dealing with metaverse land and trading the NFT tokens related to map plots. 

Vulcan Forged has promised other game announcements in the next couple of weeks. The game had to deal with a problem of lost tokens due to a flawed wallet, and the overall bearish fears on the market.

How PYR is Performing

The PYR market price felt the effect of another deep cut in the value of all crypto coins and tokens. As Bitcoin (BTC) slid under $35,000, PYR crashed below its three-month low. 

PYR sank to $7.88, still distanced from peak prices near $40. Despite Vulcan Forged offering one of the more well-developed gaming ecosystems, the unfavorable market conditions may hurt the project. 

PYR has the advantage of being traded on the Binance exchange, though its pairings are less liquid in comparison to other markets, and can cause significant slippage. 

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