Vulcan Forged Expands LAVA Token to More Games

Vulcan Forged builds sub-games and grows a list of gaming partnerships to use the Elysium network.
  • Vulcan Forged had another active week of upgrades.
  • PYR stabilizes above $4, possible demand for staking and node operation.
  • LAVA added to two sub-games as a source of P2E income.

Vulcan Forged had a week of significant upgrades, most notably adding LAVA token generation to two of its sub-games. Forge Arena, the battle game, and the highly popular Vulcan Runner will now grant LAVA rewards. The LAVA token remains an asset within the game, with still no listings. However, LAVA may expect liquidity once the Elysium network ecosystem is fully built. 

LAVA is still mostly issued within the game and depends on the Polygon network as a temporary blockchain before the full Elysium launch. Currently, LAVA is still unlisted and exists mostly within the game. VulcanVerse also hosts one of the first metaverse banks to store and swap LAVA.  The next stage for the Elysium network is to add staking in seven available tiers.

Vulcan Forged Attracts Side Projects

Vulcan Forged aims to become both a game producer with multiple offerings and a new Layer 1 blockchain. The chief attractor of the Elysium blockchain is the opportunity for multiple types of nodes, from small-scale staking to big and verified “whale” accounts. The network will increase demand and lock more of the native PYR tokens. 

Elysium Network is also adding upcoming game projects to its list, besides the native Vulcan Forged games, metaverse plots and mini-games. Recently, the ecosystem partnered with Vendetta DAO, a cowboy-themed metaverse game. 

Vendetta DAO has a complex metaverse 3D world, and joins Vulcan Forged at a time when the hub will also offer metaverse-as-a-service building and deployment tools.

Following the news of heightened activity, the PYR token stabilized at around $4.24. PYR is closer to the higher trading range for the past month, achieving trading volumes around $17M in 24 hours. 

PYR is ranked 256 in terms of market capitalization, hence it remains an overlooked gaming token. The asset is one of the few listed on Binance, which helped it reach peaks above $44 during the boom of the P2E market. Now, PYR has the chance for recovery on increased demand and for being rediscovered as an undervalued gaming asset. 

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