Vulcan Forged Prepares for Busy Week of Game Updates

Vulcan Forged will create Elysium as a blockchain tailored for Web3 metaverse projects.
  • Vulcan Forged Berserk is among the studio’s most successful Web3 games.
  • Vulcan Runner is getting upgrades this week, aiming for more mobile adoption.
  • Vulcan Forged prepares to launch Elysium as its main Web3 blockchain.

Vulcan Forged is preparing for a week of upgrades for some of its most successful games. Vulcan Runner will get new additions, boosting an already popular mobile app. Vulcan Forged is a project that started with tokenized gaming and is now preparing for a full Web3 ecosystem.

Vulcan Runner and the other mini-games are still in their initial stages, attempting to build up their mobile download count. The Berserk game is now the leader, with more than 10K downloads.

Vulcan Forged has been actively updating its top mini-games, while also building its larger VulcanVerse. The Berserk game has undergone several improvements, and is now issuing a new booster pack of in-game items. 

Vulcan Forged offers a mix of complex world-building and in-game tokenization, with the native LAVA asset. LAVA balances can be seen in the game, and Vulcan Forged offers one of the first metaverse banks for staking.

Vulcan Forged Brings Skilled Gaming to Web3

Vulcan Forged was one of the first gaming hubs to move beyond its initial stage of NFT mints and token staking. Soon, the game produced a 3D metaverse experience, while also launching several mini-games. 

Vulcan Runner, Vulcan Tower Defense and Berserk are among the top titles available as Android apps. Vulcan Forged was also ahead of the game compared to other AAA-grade games with NFT and tokenization.

Vulcan Forged Expands Elysium Network Adoption

Vulcan Forged is offering its Web3 products in a unique way. The game builder has an in-game wallet as a service. Vulcan Forged is also working on metaverse-as-a-service, preparing a platform for third-party builders to create simulated spaces.

The key to the Vulcan Forged games universe is the Elysium network. The plan is to have this blockchain host multiple metaverse games.

Elysium is expected to launch by the end of 2022 and take up the entire VulcanVerse ecosystem, as well as new projects. The network is a whole new Layer 1 solution, offering investments for node operators. 

Elysium network will also aim for a faster, more efficient node consensus, tailored to the specific needs of Web3 games.

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