Vulcan Runner 3.0 Now Out in Vulcanverse

Vulcan Forged expands into real-life events and plans a fantasy trilogy from top British gamebook writers.
  • PYR recovers above $4.36, LAVA to rely on token burns and may be used for nodes on Elysium Network.
  • Vulcon conference in Athens planned for June 14.
  • Vulcan Forged already carries a total of nine mini-games.

Vulcan Forged, one of the more prominent P2E ecosystems and game collections, launched the Vulcan Runner 3.0 update. The first-person adventure 3D game is among the most highly finished blockchain games with a proprietary blockchain. 

The game is now available for download in a desktop version, set in the environment of the Vulcanverse.

Vulcan Forged Aims to Build Multi-Game Ecosystem

Vulcan is building the Elysium blockchain, adding value with granting access to new projects and games. The project unites a blockchain and complex game lore, with game books in the pipeline to be produced in the coming months.

Dave Morris and Jamie Thomson, award-winning British gamebook and fantasy writers, have been hired to build the game lore and complete a fantasy trilogy, The Vulcan Verses.

Vulcan Forged is one of the rare projects to combine active game development with a central token component. The games now have a two-token model with PYR dropping first, and LAVA appearing in early 2022 as an in-game token with the option to withdraw and trade.

PYR is pushing off from its recent lows, going to $4.37, while LAVA remains untracked and used within the game to boost achievement. LAVA will also be instrumental in the future of the Elysium network. The Vulcan project plans to set up eight types of nodes, of which two will also require LAVA to run.

Vulcan Forged is one of the projects where an earlier exploit at the end of 2021 did not stop the game’s direction. Vulcan Forged used wallet-as-a-service where some users were given tainted addresses. Nevertheless, the game recovered and completed the Troy land airdrop and other milestones. 
The project also reaches out to players in real life, planning the Vulcon meeting this June 14 in Athens. The Vulcanverse portfolio also includes card games, automated battler Berserk and Block Babies, a collectible competition in the model of Axie Infinity.

VulcanVerse is the busiest game based on DappRadar data, from a total of nine varied types of games linked to the Vulcan Forged ecosystem.

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