Wombat Dungeon Master: First WAX/EOS Play to Earn NFT Adventure

Wombat Dungeon Master by Spielworks opened Season 1 this February 23.

Wombat Dungeon Master is an up-and-coming NFT adventure game trending recently on social media. The platform had an active month this February with multiple giveaways. 

The game is one of the rare ones to complete a public beta, and Wombat Dungeon Master has been tested since the end of 2020. The play season expanded users to 2,000 per day, a significant achievement for early stage P2E games. Wombat Dungeon Master ended its pre-season beta on February 1, and launched the season version this February 23. 


Unlike the beta test version, Season 1 arrived with in-game items and a management system, as well as character upgrade mechanics. To kick off the game, Wombat Dungeon Master had a genesis pack drop in February. 

Spielworks: Building the Future of Blockchain Gaming

Wombat Dungeon Master is one of the projects in the portfolio of Spielworks, the Germany-based gaming and virtual reality company. 

The company, which aims to bring blockchain solutions and gaming in one hub, also builds Wombat and Womplay. Those tools bring together NFTs and games for easy mobile access. The apps of Spielworks bring together popular games and NFTs for daily potential crypto token earnings.

Wombat is a one-stop EOS wallet that brings together multiple games and NFT collections. Womplay offers a collection of various web-based and mobile games, with Wombucks as payout. Wombucks can then be cashed out. Womplay gaming can also bring EOS rewards, where moving tokens and cashing out comes with much lower fees. 

Using EOS and WAX is a slightly different experience compared to other blockchains. Both chains require a personal account creation, instead of just using addresses not related to a name. Wombucks works like an in-game token and is not listed on crypto exchanges, but has a multi-game usage potential.

Wombat Dungeon Master is still not available on OpenSea, but Womplay items are appearing on the secondary market. However, the sellers of those items are not verified and currently, there is no significant NFT market for Womplay.

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