Wombat Dungeon Master: One-Week Hiatus to New Season

Wombat Dungeon Master brings materials gameplay to Season 2, with new wearable items for mining advantage.

Wombat Dungeon Master, one of the fastest and widely used P2E games, is now entering a one-week short vacation before its next season. Season 2 is set to kick off with multiple game improvements.


Wombat Dungeon Master will introduce “material” items for the first time – iron, uranium and coal. Materials will be key for the game outcome, and will be received after each battle, similar to accrued experience.

The basic materials will have a new game mechanic – blending, to produce rare or unique items. Material gameplay will also depend on NFTs owner or earned. Players must use the new blending tool to access the new types of items and NFTs produced from raw materials. 

To optimize material harvesting, two equipment items – glasses and amulets, will also be key. Thus, season 2 will be heavier on both mining activity and rewards. 

How WAX Network Games are Doing

WAX Network is one of the fastest blockchains, highly suited for P2E gaming. Based on Blocktivity data, WAX has more than 21M transactions in 24 hours. However, WAX comes with a warning that almost all activity comes from a single entity. 

Wombat Dungeon Master has a little more than 10K players in the last day of its first season. The game is still early, but it is nowhere near the activity reported on WAX. 

The game uses two WAX and two EOS smart contracts, paying out regular small rewards. 

WAX traded at $0.32, on a growth trend in the past months. WAX is still down from its peak near $1, but has benefitted from the crypto market recovery.

Eight out of the top 10 WAX apps are games, whether some blockchains only hold 1-2 games near the top. WAX is significantly more adapted to gaming, and offers P2E and NFT mechanics without the high fees or focus on advanced crypto token usage. 

WAX games focus on various types of farming and resource mechanics, following the so-called NFT farming model.

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