Wombat Dungeon Master Prepares for Season 2, New NFT Mints

Wombat Dungeon Master is part of Spielworks, a hub for NFT creation, marketplace services, wallets and P2E gaming.

Wombat Dungeon Master, one of the most appealing NFT games on the WAX and EOS blockchains, is getting ready to launch Season 2. The game team announced the launch will also involve a new NFT mint event. 


But before that, Wombat Dungeon Master prepares for its last leaderboards, to wrap up Season 1 on March 23. Playable seasons make a huge difference for the performance of the Wombat Dungeon Master game. Over the weeks of Season 1, players picked up from a few hundred, to a peak at nearly 10K players in 24 hours.

Over the course of Season 1, the game offered special candy collection challenges for higher rewards. The game gathered more than 23K members on its Discord channel, and got about 50% of the players active on games like Axie infinity and Pegaxy.

WAX Keeps Top Spot with Fast Gaming

WAX is keeping up the pace as one of the top fastest blockchains. Wombat Dungeon Master is currently the sixth most active app on the network. 

It is also the second most active game after Farmers World and the leader, the multi-chain Alien Worlds.

Wombat Dungeon Master is the seventh most active dApp on EOS, lining up right after CryptoDynasty, and competing with Uplands. The game is yet to reach the leaders with tens of thousands of players, but it is on track, especially with a new season in preparation.

Spielworks Offers Complete P2E Package

Spielworks, the company behind blockchain gaming projects, offers a mix of games and utility apps. Wombat wallet is one of the highly accessible tools for NFTs and gaming. 

The gaming studio became specifically affiliated with EOS and WAX blockchains, with a special focus on well-developed games and fast blockchains. Wombat Wallet also specifically focuses on NFT issuance services as a tool of user engagement. 

Spielworks offers NFT marketplace solutions for third parties. This is one of the reasons for the approach of Wombat Dungeon Master, which puts more stress on NFT ownership than a reward tokenomics scheme.

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