Zeroverse Reaches Official Launch Stage, USDT and NFT Giveaway Available

Zeroverse builds on the success of the conventional game, with a Web3 NFT-driven economy.
  • Zeroverse offers free USDT, a referral program and access to free NFT mystery boxes.
  • The game is the first P2E offer of Game Wonderlab, building on the success of the Web2 product of the same title.
  • Zeroverse plans to give away up to $10M in USDT tokens.

Zeroverse is a game to watch and possibly grab in the early stages of its official launch. Zeroverse is part of the Game Wonderlab portfolio, offering a mix of Web3 elements with fully developed Web2 games.

Because of the game’s readiness, this P2E proposal immediately gathered its first players. To play Zeroverse, a registration is needed on the Game Wonderlab platform. After a registration, players can search the Zeroverse NFT marketplace, where there is a limited number of Mystery Boxes with a zero ticket price. Others trade as high as $100, again for a limited amount. 

Zeroverse is available for download on Appstore and Google Play, but to advance in the game, some NFT ownership is needed. The game starts out with story mode, as well as discovery mode where most resources are found. After leveling up, there is the option of PvP battles. Zeroverse will also include special PvP events and tournaments, which can be unveiled later.

The game’s main resource is Soul Stones, which are acquired during the game or in idle mode even when not playing. This is where the importance of owning an NFT shows – players with more rare and valuable NFT will get a higher Soul Stone reward, allowing them to level up faster and compete for more rewards.

Zeroverse Onboarding May Offer Free Assets

To play Zeroverse, some USDT tokens may be needed to buy assets. For that reason, along with the launch, the game also set up a giveaway for USDT on its download page. The game team will distribute a total of 10M USDT while supporting a referral program with free mystery boxes.

Zeroverse also brings in the success as a regular game, reaching millions of players on the Japanese market. This allows the project to become the flagship product for Game Wonderlab, while having one of the most generous launches. Zeroverse will use Binance Smart Chain and its compatible wallets, while also offering an off-chain experience. 

This game follows the trend of highly developed products adding a Web3 dimension. Unlike other games, Zeroverse may give a chance at owning assets through the free giveaway.

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