Ragnarok Labyrinth: Still Alive Opens Global Version with Onboarding Rewards

Ragnarok Labyrinth has a tradable token, but earnings and NFT are just an addition to an already developed app.
  • Ragnarok Labyrinth is available as an app, with additional NFT earned in missions.
  • The game offers a free start and ONBUFF tokens for early registration.
  • More than 1M downloads for the game, showing Web3 projects can launch with significant popularity.

Ragnarok Labyrinth: Still Alive is a Web3 game with an extra blockchain dimension. Recently, the game held its global launch, available on Android and iOS. The game resembles the success of NiNoKuni: Cross Worlds, Everyfarm and other ready-made worlds. 

To celebrate the global launch, the game is still running a lucky draw campaign. 


Ragnarok Labyrinth is also trying to raise as many signups as possible and expand its user base after the launch. The project’s success and exposure show that Web3 games have a path that starts with a Web2 approach. 

Early signups make players eligible to receive ONBUFF tokens, one of the game’s main assets. ONBUFF works as in-game points and early signups will have an early game advantage. 

ONBUFF point tokens also trade under the ticker ONIT, launching almost a year ago. ONIT had its absolute peak at $0.36 in December 2021, while now it hovers around $0.038. However, the asset is not central to the game’s adoption and is just an addition. ONIT still uses the Ethereum network for transfers, and is currently held in very few wallets. 

Ragnarok Labyrinth Uses NFT as Utility

The NFT addition in the game offers fun, but low-utility items at the game’s current stage. This is not primarily an NFT project, so there will be no speculation and sky-high price spikes for the NFT. 

Despite this, the game boasts more than 1M downloads, with 4.4 star reviews on average. The game rides on the reputation of its previous product without NFT, launched by Gravity Game Link. 

Ragnarok Labyrinth is an exploration MMORPG, with maze discovery and game boss battles. The items dropped make the game similar to Wombat Dungeon Master, where players receive rare and exotic NFT, though with limited utility for future earnings. 

The game circles around managing statistics, as the labyrinth has an idle predictable side as well. One of the problems for players is that the game also brings in adds, which consume time and lower the quality of the experience.

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