1UP Game Boosts Visibility After New Downloadable Build

1UP is a win-to-earn game, distributing rewards only to top players.
  • 1UP will start with mini tests, while building a more ambitious metaverse game.
  • Players can generate their own avatars, but also choose to play for free.
  • 1UP is based on the TRON blockchain.

1UP is a game-first project which centers its earnings potential around tournaments. The game is tokenized, so players need to buy tournament tickets, thus forming a sustainable prize pool.

The unique approach of 1UP is to build a multi-game platform, following the example of Gameta and Ethlas. This variety can onboard multiple players, while offering fast-paced earnings opportunities. The game platform is still partially built, but there are opportunities to beta-test the game, with new testing dates to be announced. 

The game will offer various types of PvP gaming and competition for the earnings pool. 1UP is one of the few TRON-based apps to rally with high visibility, mostly due to its new beta preview. At this point, some of the PvP games may have an element of risk, and players may not be able to recoup all their ticket investments. For this reason, 1UP also comes with a potential high-risk warning. 

However, the game has not mentioned a farm-to-earn model similar to Pizza Tower or Sheep Farm, instead aiming to offer a mix of games. Also, 1UP will only require the purchase of tickets, but not of NFT items or land to facilitate gaming. 

1UP Offers Custom Characters

1UP can also be enjoyed risk-free as a free-to-play game. However, players can also create their own playable avatars. 

Additionally, 1UP offers multiple game modes, including PvP and Battle Royale in some of the games. The goal is win-to-earn, distributing prizes only to top players, instead to all participants.


For now, the game has not reached its full potential in terms of player count. The project is worth watching for opportunities for early testing. This project has worked on a metaverse and runner-style games, and on building user-generated avatars. For now, 1UP has not built its entire monetization system. 

The goal is to also create a play-to-own game, where user-generated skins and items can also be minted as NFT and resold. The game will aim for multiple revenue streams, including from ads, as well as paid gaming slots.

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