How to Tap TRON (TRX) for Play to Earn

Get insight on the TRON ecosystem and use the TRX token for games, passive earnings and open finance operations. TRON collectibles and games with low fees.

Play to earn hinges on having a fast, relatively cheap network capable of fast transactions. TRON (TRX) fits the description, and has proven itself as one of the most active blockchains capable of hosting games. 

TRON has one of the largest distributed app ecosystems, with at least 710 known dApps listed. The network carries multiple decentralized finance operations, but may pivot to play to earn.

The TRON network now carries more than 64M accounts, potentially providing a large community of players for GameFi. 

What is the TRX Token

The TRX token is a widely distributed asset native to the TRON network. Its first appearance was in 2017, when TRON performed its ICO and turned into a high-profile network. 

The TRX token has a low per-unit price around $0.10 and a very large supply of 71B tokens. The supply of TRX is also capped at 100B tokens, and will potentially create scarcity, unlike unlimited supply coins and tokens. 

The TRX token is widely available due to being around for years. TRX can be traded on most brokerages and exchanges, including Binance, Kraken, Changelly, as well as Exodus wallet swaps. TronLink, the native TRON wallet, also allows for swaps between tokens, TRX and other assets. 

TRX can be locked, staked, used for voting and for value generation in various projects. 

High Risk Warning: The TRON network supports multiple high-return high risk investments. Some forms of high-risk games may be wrapped as play to earn. Always research a project before making a sizable initial investment. 

Starting Out with TRX Wallet

The most accessible tool for TRX, collectibles and upcoming games is TronLink, a wallet available as a mobile version and a browser extension. 

Creating the TRX wallet also generates a new TRON network account, with a specified username and password. The wallet uses protection from a 12-word encrypted phrase, which must be safely backed up. 

The TronLink wallet has several options, including voting and staking with TRX tokens. The other advantage is that the wallet links to SunSwap, one of the most active decentralized exchanges on the TRON network. 

Availability on SunSwap may depend on the liquidity provided by various asset holders and the potential of automated trading pairs to ensure the assets get swapped for a fair price. 

One of the advantages of the TRON network is that it carries a large fraction of Tether (USDT) tokens. USDT, which has a constant price of $1, can be used to lock in the gains from play to earn and protect them from volatility. 

More than 37.99B USDT tokens are in circulation on the TRON network, with significantly lower transfer fees compared to Ethereum. USDT on the TRON network is supported by Binance and can also be staked for passive earnings. TRON USDT can also be used as payment in the NFT marketplace. 

USDT on the TRON network has significant on-chain volumes and is as versatile as the native TRX token for all DeFi and GameFi operations. TRX specifically can be used for voting on issues concerning the TRON network. 

Play to Earn on TRON

Play to earn games are getting added almost every day on TRON. The games are just now ramping up their user base. Blockchain Cuties is a collectible and competition game, and Chain Z Arena is another attempt for a play and earn game. 

TRON Ninjas combines NFT collectibles and old-style arcade games with an immediate wallet collection. Ninja NFTs are one of the more accessible games, requiring 650 TRX to mint a new character. 

For now, play to earn is in its early stages, and the TRON network can offer many games that are relatively cheap to start and may grow in the future. TRON is a perfect network to test out play to earn games for a relatively low initial investment, in a highly liquid environment. 

In the future, we will review specific TRON games that show the biggest promise to become leaders in their category.

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