Devikins Brings Void Passport Collection with Rare Stamps and Perks

To own Devikins, players need some TRX for transaction fees and for buying DVK tokens.
  • Devikins is a TRON-based RPG with missions, battles and game bosses.
  • A new 5,000 NFT collection of Void Passports will work as Perk NFT.
  • The Void Passport sale to arrive at the end of January, Devikins 2.0 version coming in May.

Devikins is a fully live game launched in the summer of 2022. The game offers turns-based battle with additional breeding mechanics for the playable creatures. Now, Devikins will add a tier of complexity by launching a Void Passport NFT collection, creating a new class of players.

Void Passports will be a utility NFT, serving to be held in exchange for future in-game benefits and perks. Passports will come with a feature of Stamps, which will determine the exact prize to be received. Players can hope to gain Pet Skins, status effects or passive DVK token earnings.

The type of Stamp found in the passport will determine the prize, and stamps range from common to rare. Only one of the Void Passports will have all possible Stamps. There will only be a total of 5K Void Passports, with a mint price of $200. 

Passport Sale Coming in Late January

The actual NFT sale is scheduled for late January, through the Klever Launchpad. For a few weeks, players will not know which passport they got. 

The final reveal will arrive in May, when the Devikins 2.0 update will also arrive. 

Devikins Completed Mobile Launch

Devikins has already achieved the mobile launch milestone, with more than 10K downloads on its Android version. 

Even at the current stage, the game marks around 40 users per day based on smart contract data. Devikins is a game based on TRON, which uses Klever wallet to hold its NFT and the upcoming Passports. Unfortunately, the game requires some crypto knowledge as it requires a TRX token purchase for gas fees. All actions in the game will require TRX and DVK tokens. 

The main gameplay of Devikins happens in a limited map, where RPG missions can be found, with specific rewards. 

Devikins is still at the closed beta stage, and expects to open up the game after its May update. The game also opens periodic invitations for more players, the last one from January 9.

The game is also busy with social media promotions, content competitions and tips on overcoming game bosses.

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