Alien Worlds to Boost Status as Top Speed Game with WAX Giveaways

Alien Worlds promotes the use of WAX as one of the fastest blockchains for P2E.
  • Alien Worlds among top games by player count, up to 229K participants per day.
  • TLM native token still awaits more significant price breakout.
  • WAX offers NFT rewards for social media tasks.

Alien Worlds, one of the most active multi-chain games, will be the special featured P2E headline this week on the WAX blockchain. The game often takes the top spot in terms of players and competing with Splinterlands.

Alien Worlds is taking part in a Play to earn week on the WAX blockchain. The game will be among hand-picked for special features and NFT giveaways. WAX has a series of social tasks at the ready for following or engaging with game accounts and sharing a WAX wallet.

Alien Worlds has hosted as many as 229K users per day, possible due to the high speed and practically zero fees on WAX. The game is also among top projects on Binance Smart Chain and the EOS blockchain, adding a different access point. WAX is going to present multiple P2E games from its ecosystem, including Blockchain Brawlers and the Forge Arena.

Despite the high user count, the native token of Alien Worlds, TLM, has been sliding in the past months. TLM is now at around $0.09, rather inactive despite the multiple Binance trading pairs. Yet Alien Worlds is considered to be one of the leader games setting up the pace for P2E games, based on its high user count.

What Alien Worlds Offers

Alien Worlds is one of the most complete P2E ecosystems and considers the game to be a metaverse experience. Players can form DAO and have a say on the direction of the game’s economy. For instance, Alien Worlds planet owners can generate their own NFTs. Some of the players are creating rare items as an incentive to invite other players to mine in their land plots, said game co-founder Saro McKenna in a recent interview on the game’s blog.

Alien Worlds is still offering most of its NFTs in its native marketplace, as well as Binance NFT and the WAX marketplace. Binance NFT resells Alien Worlds mission cards for a relatively low price under 9 BUSD. Soon, the game will release artifact NFT and add a fighting game.

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