Alien Worlds: What’s Behind This Binance Smart Chain Game

Alien Worlds advertises itself as one of the most popular games in the blockchain world. Alien Worlds has built a fully tokenized metaverse with multiple play to earn revenue streams.

Alien Worlds makes claims to being one of the most popular play to earn metaverses, based on Binance Smart Chain. The game has also branched to Ethereum and WAX, potentially extending its reach.

Alien Worlds looks like a powerhouse, with more than 245.5K players registered by DappRadar. Alien Worlds combines digital land ownership, adaptable avatars, battle mode with weapons, tools and minions deployed in missions.

Based on the standard for distributed apps, Alien Worlds is a roaring success, and one of the few complete metaverses to rival leaders like Axie Infinity. Alien Worlds also took a short time after its launch to add users, as its current version opened at the end of October 2021, underscoring the dynamic development of play to earn metaverse games. 

In two months, Alien Worlds has performed more than 9.4M transactions on Binance Smart Chain, adding to the record token volumes on the network. Alien Worlds first appeared as one of the promoted projects on Binance Launchpad, giving it instant visibility and building its basic community of investors.

How Alien Worlds Grew its Community

Alien Worlds has added about 36,000 users to its Discord community. Based on around 102K Twitter followers, the game is just gaining speed in reaching out and communication. 

At the same time, on-chain data shows significant real-world gameplay happening on Binance Smart Chain, with above 243K overall players

Alien Worlds itself reports a much higher number of players, citing more than 3.6M registered players since the project initially announced its launch in December 2020. As of October 2021, the game recorded 11M plays per day.

As indicated by BSC Scan, there were 85,871 unique addresses that hold Alien Worlds Trilium (TLM) tokens, achieved after a token sale of more than 5B TLM through Binance Launchpad. TLM has access to an even wider community, as it also exists as an Ethereum-based token, and has a version running on the game-ready WAX network. For now, ETH-based TLM exist in just 2,942 addresses. WAX-based TLM tokens, however, may be excluded from Binance deposits and swaps. 

The Alien Worlds game creates engagement through everyday missions and wraps the process as play-based mining to generate more reward tokens. 

The Team Behind Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is headed by Saro McKenna, a long-term blockchain participant in multiple ecosystems. McKenna has been involved with EosDAC, a block producer for the EOS network. She founded Dacoco GMBH, based in Zug, Switzerland, and established it as the company behind the launch of Alien Worlds.

Alien Worlds mixed former blockchain expertise with enthusiasm for NFTs, while Dacoco has experience in building tokenized DAOs and tap the value of communities with digital assets.

The Dacoco team staffs Alien Worlds with a complete corporate structure based in Germany. The games have a dedicated artistic director and offer top quality game art. Several items including armor and concept art are on offer as NFTs on Opensea, with more being recorded as transactions on Binance Smart Chain.

What Makes Alien Worlds Stand Out

Alien Worlds started with a strong combination of a full token-based environment and mixed blockchain understanding and game-building expertise. As such, it is one of the complete metaverse worlds with an outstanding aesthetic. Alien Worlds is ahead of The Sandbox in its realized gameplays, while also launching on the fastest blockchains available. 

Expertise from the EOS network delegates means the Alien Worlds founders understand the tradeoffs between speed and centralization. While Alien Worlds is accessible for the larger Ethereum community, its speed hinges on Binance Smart Chain and WAX, which uses a model similar to EOS. 

Alien Worlds ties up gameplay with tokenomics in an immediate fashion. Using TLM, players mount missions with a selected spaceship, and immediately receive further TLM rewards and NFTs as loot. 

So far, the launch of Alien Worlds on BSC has been the biggest growth driver, at a moment when play to earn games are still trying to bet on the right blockchain for their game. The rapid transaction growth shows the move was right for Alien Worlds, as it gained exposure to a highly accessible blockchain, which already hosts a game-hungry community. 

How to Make Money on Alien Worlds

The Alien Worlds Trilium (TLM) reward token is the backbone of the Alien Worlds play to earn model. The token is used both to acquire tools, weapons, spaceships, minions and land, and also as a reward. Alien Worlds allows for up to five players to run a daily mission, distributed from a pool of TLM. 

The games on Binance Smart Chain will have a mission-based format with different time frames. Each mission will require the staking of some TLM and will build a reward pool to be redistributed. Earning or buying NFT cards can alter the course of missions and the lore in the metaverse, leading to more rewards. The Alien Worlds games feature multiple scenarios and variables, which may evolve with time to produce unique gameplay situations.

TLM can also be moved through WAX, Ethereum or BSC depending on game suitability. Until October 2021, game NFT cards were only available on the WAX blockchain, but Binance Smart Chain is becoming the default platform for earning both reward tokens and mission cards.

As the Alien Worlds metaverse grows, the other sources of income will be various in-game items or spaceships. The other source of income may be TLM staking and trading. The reward token has traded under $0.50 and has a low per unit price, which for now does not reflect the value within Alien Games. TLM may offer a source of income on its own, with a serious warning on the inherent volatility of blockchain tokens. 

What is the Alien Worlds Tokenomics

The TLM token will be capped at a total of 10B, of which around 1B tokens are in circulation. The reward token will be key in supplying the missions with a reward pool, and as a means to move between the three blockchains available for Alien Worlds.

TLM can be exchanged for Binance USD (BUSD) and return into the Binance ecosystem for trading, staking or buying mission NFTs. 

What Alien World Will Contain

Alien Worlds plans to enrich its digital land with multiple adventures. Currently, missions have a type to create several scenarios, also involving chance and amplification from game card NFTs.

Each mission will contain varying levels of chance and a unique scenario, and more sets of missions may be launched in the future. 

What are the Best Wallets for Alien World

Alien Worlds is accessible by using a WAX Blockhchain account. Using the TLM token and linking to OpenSea or another NFT market can be achieved with MetaMask, Wallet Connect or Binance Wallet for communicating with BSC or for carrying BUSD for early purchases. 

For Alien Worlds, it is best to have a wallet capable of displaying NFTs, as some of the collectibles may be crucial for the mission chance calculations and features.

Starting with Alien Worlds can happen through the Missions portal,by connecting with MetaMask and Wallet Connect and setting the wallets to BSC. Some TLM will be needed to lease a spacecraft and play for the duration of the mission. TLM tokens are available for Binance swaps, and can be bought through Changelly with credit or debit cards.

Play2Moon Verdict on Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is an expanding, but rather new game. It is a complete world with a complex structure and can be accessed immediately through most wallets. Earnings may vary based on mission pools and NFT chances. 

Our verdict is 41/50 points, with the game hitting most of the features on a well-established blockchain project with the potential to become one of the pioneers in play to earn and set the pace and quality for other games. 

Total Score
  • Team information and reliability
    4/5 Good
    Full non-anonymous team
  • Community
    5/5 Amazing
    50,000 and above registrations
  • Number of players
    5/5 Amazing
    50,000 and above players
  • Art and images
    4/5 Good
    Highest quality
  • Secondary NFT market/resale
    5/5 Amazing
    Curated by Binance Launchpad and present on multiple high-profile exchange platforms.
  • Funding sources
    4/5 Good
    Curated IGO, NFT offering and multiple listings
  • Wallets
    4/5 Good
    Available for most browser extension wallets
  • Exchange liquidity
    4/5 Good
    Present on Binance and most in-wallet swap services
  • Token ratings
    2/5 Bad
    Some distribution, but token still concentrated on whale wallets
  • Potential returns/rewards
    4/5 Good
    Bonuses, rare items and airdrops
  • Sum total/Game score
    5/5 Amazing
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