Aqua Farm Encourages NFT Trading for Marketplace Boost

Aqua Farm is an RPG with resources, an upcoming map and NFT ownership of Aree creatures.
  • Aqua Farm is preparing for Beta Test 3, open for registration now.
  • Aree creatures are a high-profile NFT collection on OpenSea.
  • The game is preparing to launch its native marketplace in 2023.

Aqua Farm was one of the more prominent games in 2022, which reached its closed beta stage in 2022. The game is also introducing its ownership element, where players define the supply of Aree creatures for resale.

The Aqua Farm marketplace is still in a “coming soon” status, though the Aree collection is live on OpenSea. Aree have been relatively successful NFT, with a floor price of 13 MATIC and around 120 ETH in turnover. Fewer than 1% of Aree are listed on OpenSea, as most early buyers keep their items. Aqua Farm is one of the more accessible games, with Aree available for under 20 MATIC.

The actual marketplace and the official game launch are in the roadmap for 2023, offering an even more direct and decentralized way of NFT swapping without an OpenSea listing. Next year, the game will also start with open beta tests. 

Aqua Farm is running on Polygon, one of the networks that got a boost of adoption from multiple games in the past year. Aqua Farm was one of the games to build with some similarities to Axie Infinity. 

By the end of 2022, Aqua Farm may not succeed with its IDO and Farm Sale, but those events may be pushed into early 2023. 

Aqua Farm Prepares for Third Beta Test

Aqua Farm also started with a high-profile NFT sale, causing early buyers to hold the NFT for months. But now, Aqua Farm will grant early access to NFT owners and grant test characters that are similar to the NFT owned.

Aqua Farm is also boosting its Web3 marketing efforts, after a recent partnership with Kartel NFT, a Korean gaming and marketplace hub.

Aqua Farm Open for Registrations

Currently, Aqua Farm is preparing for more tests and has opened another registration window. Players can become whitelisted for Beta Test 3, which could be happening before the end of the year. 

Aqua Farm is still tweaking its tokenomics to achieve a sustainable launch and remain unaffected by the bear market.

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