AquaFarm Takes Next Step with Idle Card-Based Battle

AquaFarm will offer a new form of idle battle soon, to test out cards and the features of Aree NFT.
  • AquaFarm is getting closer to an open beta launch, aiming to become a new P2E staple.
  • Hatching now available for mystery Aree creatures.
  • The game will run through AES and PODO tokens with different roles and inflation rates.

AquaFarm reported hundreds of users, and hinted at one of its upcoming additions. The game will add card-based battle mode, in which players will put teams of their NFT against each other. AquaFarm may be watched closely for announcing more closed beta testing rounds before its final open launch.

AquaFarm is an ocean-themed game inspired by Axie Infinity, with a similar structure of playable avatar creatures. Currently, the game is in the closed beta stage, after months in development as one of the closely watched games in 2022. 

AquaFarm picked Polygon to launch, though its NFT are priced in ETH. Only 2% of all avatars have been listed, with 99 ETH in turnover. The game is still in an early stage and secondary market avatars have a floor price of 0.008 ETH.

Recently, AquaFarm lined up among top projects on Polygon based on social media engagement. The game is set to become more prominent once it completes the closed beta stage. The main goals are to build an appealing game and retain players for the long run. Card-based battles based on NFT features also offer more than 10,000 combinations in battle, allowing for varied strategies to win.

AquaFarm will also start as a free-to-play RPG, and offer scholarship opportunities with NFT for rent. The full P2E model will be implemented in the coming months, as the game is currently collecting data on player behavior and preferences.

Early Adopters Can Hatch Aree

Aree, the creatures of AquaFarm, are now available for hatching. Hatching a Mystery Egg with a surprise Aree can be done by connecting a MetaMask wallet set to Polygon network.

The game is also preparing to offer two main tokens, Aree Shards (AES), and Power of Deep Ocean (PODO). The tokens do not yet have liquid trading and price discovery, but may start decentralized trading soon.

AES tokens will be key for the value locked in the game, as their supply will be capped at 1B units. PODO will be generated and used up within the game. 

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