AquaFarm Opens Whitelist for Another Closed Beta Test

AquaFarm is still waiting for its open beta, but has seen significant interest for its closed testing.
  • AquaFarm will run its third test this year, with more signups this time.
  • The game will offer AES tokens as a reward for playing the closed beta.
  • AquaFarm picked Polygon as its blockchain of choice.

AquaFarm, a game with the potential to run a successful Web3 app, is getting close to another closed beta test. The pre-registration is still open, and shows the game has the potential to bring in numbers comparable to other successful Web3 games and top P2E projects.

AquaFarm aims to bring breedable aquatic animals and a game similar to Axie Infinity. The project is a relatively late arrival to Web3, and is still currently waiting for a broader release. The game is currently in a period of referrals, to grant Aree creature NFT and Gems to potential players. 

What’s Coming for AquaFarm Gameplay

AquaFarm has already built some of its basic features, such as the Aree creature hatching mechanism. The game is also ready with the battle mode, which works as a tower defense where two teams face each other. 

Players must pick the right Aree for the game and combine them with attack cards. The game will also include various levels to organize matches. 

The previous test on AquaFarm lasted for about 10 days. This time, players will also be able to receive AES tokens as a reward. In the early days, AquaFarm does not push NFT or token buying, and there may be more opportunities for airdrops before the official launch.

How AquaFarm Integrates Web3

AquaFarm started off during peak times for P2E games, launching with the sale of its Aree NFT creatures. This game was NFT-first, a contrast from app-first games. 

The game also launched its AES token relatively late, picking a low-fee blockchain. AquaFarm will use Polygon when it goes live, one of the preferred networks for Web3 projects.

AquaFarm will also use its NFT, including the Aree and a Guardian creature, as ways to progress in the game and gain extra utility.

Currently, AquaFarm is at the stage of improving its social media presence. The game has entered the top 10 of the most influential games on social media.

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