AquaFarm Enters Next Beta Stage with PvP Arena

The beta stage offered different stages, showing the idle game and the PvP arena.
  • AquaFarm runs its latest close beta test since December, adding PvP battles.
  • The game will add its tokens in 2023, but players can earn AES assets for early testing.
  • AquaFarm is inspired by Axie Infinity and Pokemon, offering terrain exploration, resource play and arena battles.

AquaFarm is moving along its roadmap, and will soon add the PvP arena mode. This game is a later arrival, seeking to apply its own version of the model of Axie Infinity and Crabada, with a new set of creatures. AquaFarm spent most of 2022 in the pre-launch NFT stage, and has now entered a period of adding more active features.

Aquafarm still offers its features as a downloadable version in closed beta. The special features will be available during the period of the pre-announced test. This will be the third closed beta test for the game, aiming for a completed pack of idle and battle game when AquaFarm launches. 

The third closed beta has been running since the end of December, 2022, and this stage reached 50K global players during pre-registration. There is still no end date for this stage of testing, though AquaFarm usually takes two weeks to test its new features. The game is still not fully launched as P2E, though there will be limited prizes for early testers.

AquaFarm to Introduce Full Tokenization in 2023

In this round of the beta version, players will be able to use their Aree creatures and earn Power of Deep Ocean (PODO), the game’s main currency. Additionally, there will be Aree Shards (AES) tokens, which will give exclusive rights in buying the game’s NFT in the future. AES is a still untraded asset, which may have utility as the game progresses. 

Aree creatures are also relatively rare at this stage in the game, with only a small percentage listed on the secondary market. For now, the game has not introduced a breeding mechanic, which led to the creation of many more NFT on Axie Infinity. 

AquaFarm is not yet a tokenized game, and has not applied its intended P2E balance. The game is also building its AquaWorld to serve as the backdrop for all the Aree to explore. Aree will be able to level up and explore more difficult levels and dungeons, earning more rare rewards.

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