Arsenal Climbs to Top 5 of Hottest Web3 Games

Arsenal is the flagship game of the Fabwelt ecosystem.
  • Arsenal players are now competing to find a set of 24 symbols within the game.
  • Holding WELT tokens makes players eligible for intermediate rewards and the big prize.
  • Arsenal is part of Fabwelt, a hub expecting to add more high-grade games.

Arsenal is one of the closely-watched 3D first-person shooter games, offering a live experience with ownership potential. The game offers a mix of in-game items, collectibles and utility objects.

Arsenal is built and promoted by Fabwelt Token, a project with the goal of building a large-scale Web3 game ecosystem. Currently, Arsenal is trending as the sole game launched by the project, which is also offering a generous giveaway.

Fabwelt aims to offer a mix of fun and fully live features, and still reasonably high earnings from the game. Arsenal is now getting glose to launching a new version, as well as a mobile app that will further improve the outreach. 

Fabwelt is also preparing for a new game concept coming soon, linked to a football World Cup Game. 

Arsenal Unrolls In-Game Challenge

To participate in the giveaway, players must complete an adventure with mini-puzzles. Within the game, they must seek one of 24 special symbols. The symbols are scattered across five map regions in the game. 

The quest’s duration depends on how skillful players will be and how fast they will discover all the symbols. The task is relatively hard, with 10 symbols discovered in the first five days of the challenge. 

There is an extra step in finding the symbols – players must also tweet them as soon as possible. Each player wanting to be eligible for a prize must also carry 1,000 WELT tokens. 

How Arsenal Implements Web3

Arsenal is one of the games where players claim to produce weekly earnings of up to $60. The game has a native token, WELT, which has been trading since the end of 2021. WELT is now at $0.001, but has incentives to hold, as in the case of the current event with a much higher prize pool. 

Fabwelt, the project’s central hub, will also aim to bring multiple high-grade games in a common metaverse, using the compatible WELT token. Fanwelt will host already-developed games and e-sports that want to add a Web3 component and offer earnings or NFT.

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