Arcana Offers New Toolset and SDK to Onboard Apps to Web3

Arcana Network launched its native blockchain this February 2, adding it to its widget wallet.
  • Arcana offers a mix between a Web2 identity and a secure wallet.
  • Projects can use Arcana to have an embedded wallet for tokens and NFT.
  • Arcana partners with projects like Fabwelt, producing the Arsenal FPS game.

The trend of onboarding apps with Web3 is accelerating, with more offers of tools to add seamless blockchain and ownership features. Arcana is one of the latest new chains to offer Web3 access for all apps. The project launched its mainnet about a month ago, and is ready with additional features to reach developers.

Arcana is not only offering a Web3 SDK to invite developers, but is working on ways of user conversion. For some successful apps, adding Web3 features must be seamless to avoid using players or users. For that reason, Arcana offers a seamless wallet as a browser extension app, allowing it to be linked to an identity. 

Arcana has decided to create logins through identities from Facebook, Google, Discord, LinkedIn and other Web2 apps. The private keys of the wallets are kept in a safe and decentralized way, for those users that are not comfortable with securing their own keys. The solution may hold risks of exploit, but it is also more convenient for a quick switch from Web2 to Web3.

The other advantage is that Arcana features payment gateways to buy tokens with debit or credit cards. This removes the often complex step of users having to buy crypto to use apps, buy NFT or play games.

Arcana Partners with Growing Web3 Products

Additionally, projects may offer gasless transactions, by sponsoring them or using their native tokens as a fee. The lack of unexpected gas fees may help with user onboarding.

The Arcana widget is also small enough to be integrated into any project, with a short code addition. With Arcana, any potential Web3 service can choose to integrate a wallet-as-a-service instead of using MetaMask or requiring additional downloads.

The Arcana toolset has been used by Fabwelt Studio, the producer of already successful Web3 games. Fabwelt is the producer of Arsenal FPS, one of the top 3D products with earnings potential. Other partners include DripVerse protocol and Autify network. Arcana also plans to enlist high-quality NFT collections and art producers.

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