Arsenal Game by Fabwelt Token Brings Social Rewards

Arsenal maps still hide remaining symbols with rewards for each player that finds a new one.
  • Arsenal is building toward its Version 2.0 launch and is 98% ready with a mobile Android app.
  • Fabwelt is working toward an ecosystem of cross-game NFT and accounts.
  • Giveaways available for social media engagement, symbols quest still open.

Arsenal game is a fully launched 3D first-person shooter, with an engaging storyline. The game managed to climb multiple times to some of the hottest, most-visited products. The game is now further popularized by Fabwelt Studios, with a recent social engagement program.

This is the first giveaway for completing a series of social media tasks, mostly following all Fabwelt social media. Fabwelt Technology is responsible for the Web3 apparatus behind already completed games, while also aiming to build a bigger Gamingverse. Fabwelt is working on cross-compatible Universal NFT, cross-game ID and complex tournaments. 

Fabwelt is also working on a portfolio to include 3D First Person Shooter, Action-Adventure, Simulation, Strategy, Fantasy and other gaming genres.

What Makes Arsenal Stand Out

Arsenal is a rare game with constant inflow of improvements. In 2022, the game went through several versions, adding more strategic NFT. Toward the end of the year, Arsenal now has new skins, weapons and maps, and is preparing for competitive seasons. 

The game is working toward Version 2.0 with multiple upgrades. Arsenal remains one of the few skill-based Web3 games with advanced ownership tools. The game team is almost ready with the Android mobile version, which may be the next step to wider adoption. 

The game will offer automated tournaments, Clan-based tournaments and special Fabwelt-branded tournaments. Automated tournaments will be available around the clock with constant slots for three or more players. 

Clan tournaments will require players to organize and play with specific settings. Fabwelt will hold bigger events with a regular schedule and a fair start based on player level.

Arsenal Game Still Running Symbol Hunt

Fabwelt opened a special tournament of finding a set of symbols hidden in the game. The task turned out harded than expected, as most of them still remain undiscovered and the prize unclaimed. 

Players must hold 1,000 WELT to compete, find the symbols and tweet their discovery to be eligible. Each player that finds a new hidden symbol will receive a prize. The symbols are scattered across different game maps.

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