Ascenders Partners with Stella Galaxy for Whitelist Giveaway

Ascenders is a game to watch for early adoption opportunities.
  • Ascenders aims to build a complex RPG similar to the Illuvium universe.
  • The game will launch its own subnet and use its native tokens for fees.
  • Ascenders still in pre-launch stage, relying on marketing.

Ascenders is a new RPG based on Avalanche, and a game to add to watchlists in 2022. Ascenders is now growing and drawing more attention to the P2E ecosystem on the Avalanche blockchain. Now, Ascenders is giving an opportunity for an early start with a partner game, Stella Galaxy. 

Ascenders is itself still in development, and attracts attention to the Avalanche ecosystem for its capability to support up and coming games. 

Ascenders is a sci-fi themed open RPG, aiming to offer a complex and immersive world with high-end graphics. Ascenders has a complex play-to-earn model, with the Ascenders Governance Council (AGC) token granting voting rights. The in-game unlimited supply token Glow Gems will be constantly produced and burned. A third asset, Resource Chips, will exist only in the game, driving advancements.

Ascenders will offer exclusivity through paid tournaments and NFT passes. The game has also signaled it would build its own subnet in the near future, adding to the overall trend of expanding Avalanche.

AGC will be an important entry point, as it will have a fixed supply of 1B and will not be distributed in the game. The only chance to gaing AGC will be during the mint event and limited sales. 

Ascenders Still in Prototyping, Pre-Development Stage

Ascenders finished its prototyping stage and is working on other pre-launch elements. The game has the advantage of giving early access for an upcoming player-driven economy.

The game will use all three tokens to mint NFT. For basic items, only Resource Chips and Glow Gems will be enough. But AGC will be used to make unique NFT items in rare cases. AGC will also be used to pay subnet fees and thus become more scarce with time.

Further ahead on the roadmap, Ascenders will add land ownership and the possibility to rent out or exploit the land for further gains. Ascenders joins the list of complex games such as Illuvium or Vulcan Forged, where quests, ownership and NFT mix to create an engaging mix. The game also points to the potential for new games to land even at this market stage.

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