Ascenders Joins Growing List of Avalanche Games

Ascenders offered a detailed preview of high-grade graphics and action, promising a thriving GameFi economy.
  • 1M AGC tokens available for top testers.
  • First AAA-grade game coming to Avalanche C-Chain.

Sci-fantasy and open-world action RPG Ascenders released its latest combat demo. The launch adds a new top-notch graphics game to the list of Avalanche distributed apps.

Previews of the game are already available on Twitter. Avalanche was, until recently, a blockchain for decentralized finance, but has added more NFT projects and games along the way. 

Ascenders follows the GameFi model, where everything inside the game is generated by players and circled back into the game economy. Additionally, the game offers exploration with top graphics. Early testers may expect rewards and airdrops for top scores.

Ascenders adds to the AAA list of cryptocurrency games such as Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict, Angelic: The Game and other up and coming headlines by established studios

Ascenders joins the Avalanche gaming economy where Crabada is still the leading game, using the initial casual automated play model. Ascenders brings a new dimension with resource gameplay and high grade graphics. 

“Our goal is to prove the viability of crypto in mainstream gaming and to push crypto gaming forward as a whole. We want to shake up the game industry and spark a new phase in gaming,” the gaming team stated as its mission.

Avalanche Gets Performance Boost

AVAX, the native token of the Avalanche Network, is one of the most active crypto assets. AVAX traded at $96.63. 

The Ascenders game has already launched its AGC token within the game, but has no blockchain record or a list of wallets. The AGC rewards will be strictly within the game, and early players may receive the token once it launches. For now, AGC does not use any blockchain, but may be minted on Avalanche C-Chain, the fast and accessible blockchain for gaming and NFTs.

Ascenders still offers 1M AGC token prize pool within the game, though the token still has no reported market price.

Ascenders tapped the talent of Will Davis, a veteran with 35 years of gaming experience at Ubisoft and other projects. Davis was behind the Ghost Recon game, one of the first traditional high-grade games to launch a limited NFT series.

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