Avalaunch and Kalao: How Avalanche is Improving its NFT Infrastructure

NFT trading on Avalanche boosts multiple games, with added liquidity and popularity.
  • Avalaunch opens to INO, or NFT sales to finance game projects.
  • Kalao V2 is now open with zero listing and trading fees.
  • The Kalao market will boost demand with easier NFT selection and shopping.

Games are choosing the path of an INO, or Initial NFT Offering. The NFT item mint is also a source of funding and a marketing tool. Avalanche, one of the most active networks, may become the next venue for more active NFT primary and secondary sales. 

Recently, Avalaunch, which specializes in IDO sales of fungible tokens, completed its first curated NFT mint. The project was Imperium Empires, an upcoming AAA-level game with GameFi features. 


NFT items may be less liquid, but they also solve the question of whether crypto tokens are securities. Thus, NFT sales may be a more agile fundraising tool, while also giving potential players an asset to use within the upcoming game. 

The Avalaunch NFT sale arrives at a time when Kalao, the major Avalanche marketplace, also had an upgrade. Kalao is now running V2 with more features and tools to boost liquidity. 


The problem with many NFT launches is that there is liquidity only for a short time period, with prices crashing soon after that. Kalao wants to ensure sufficient liquidity by introducing collection bidding. 

Kalao Aims to Bring More Buyer Attention to NFTs

Potential buyers can set a price for a collection, if they just want to acquire an NFT. This creates a demand side for each collection. In the future, Kalao may also introduce feature-based bidding, making it easier for players to choose the exact type of NFT needed within the game.

Kalao is also working on an algorithm to recommend NFT and thus expose more content to viewers and potential buyers. The marketplace will also add a cart feature, to assure the NFT selection resembles a seamless shopping experience. 


The Kalao market will also offer more detailed analytics to differentiate trending collections and potentially valuable items. 

The Kalao marketplace reports between 100 and a few hundred users per day, based on recent DappRadar data. The market holds around 810 AVAX in liquidity. All Kalao V1 traders can delist their NFT and re-list them on the V2 market, with zero fees.

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